Lechal has launched the first interactive haptic footwear in India. For now the technology is in the form of an insole that will easily fit in most shoes and can connect / communicate with your smartphone. There are smart watches, glasses and now smart footwear’s.

Lechal (take me there) was initially created by Krispian Lawrence and Anirudh Sharma for visually challenged individuals. And now they have taken a step further and created a new category the Smart Footwear.

The Lechal as mentioned is a half insole (8mm thick) with anti bacterial coating, it is Bluetooth 2.1 enabled, supports haptic feedback vibration and come with rechargeable / reversible batteries Li-Po with up to 3 days usage and up to 10 days in standby mode.

Lechal interactive insoles

What can you do with Lechal?
Navigation – It interacts with the phone GPS and lets you explore, help you find your way without having to look at the handset – a complete hands off and eyes off interaction (voice based).

Lechal smart footwear

Fitness – It can count the steps, calculate the calories burnt and lets you create your own workout.

Interaction – It supports gesture, well foot gestures to be precise.

Smart Assist – Once the insole is connected with the handset it will alert you if you forget your phone, will automatically notify about the landmarks as per your current location and more including customized alerts.

Lechal will also roll out Shoes with this system built in, they are also trying to work out with other Shoe manufactures. The Lechal insole is water resistant and durable available for $100, approx Rs. 6,000  – available in March 2014.

By Rajeev Rana

Founder and Chief Editor - gogi.in