After Sony launched an upgraded Smartwatch 2, Samsung has also joined the Smartwatch bandwagon by launching the Samsung Galaxy Gear. Between the Gear and SW2 lets find out the smartest one.

The Galaxy Gear comes with a stainless steel body where as the Smartwatch 2 is made of aluminum. The Sony Smartwatch is lighter at around 49 grams with silicon strap as compared with the Samsung Smartwatch (75 grams).

If you compare the size the Samsung Gear is 11.1mm thick, 37mm wide and length is 57mm, Sony Smartwatch 2 is 9mm thick, 42mm wide and 41mm in length. There is not much difference with the screen size. Gear is with 1.63 inch screen with 320×320 pixels resolution and Smartwatch 2 is 1.60 inches with 220 x176 pixels. The Samsung watch no doubt has a better screen pixel density and in turn sharper picture as compared with the Sony watch. Moreover the Gear watch comes with Super AMOLED display and added advantage.

Both the Smart watches are powered by single core processor however the Galaxy Gear is more powerful – 800 MHz frequency as compared with the Sony Smartwatch 2 that comes with 200 MHz frequency.

There is no camera on the Sony watch but the Samsung Gear does come with a 1.9MP placed on the strap.  Both of these smart watches are water resistant to a certain extent. As far as compatibility is concerned the Gear works only on Galaxy Note 3 (Android 4.3), Sony watch is compatible with any handset running Android ICS (version 4.0 and over).

Samsung Galaxy Gear vs Sony Smartwatch2

The Galaxy Gear supports voice call / Voice control (recognition), it comes with built in speaker and microphone, you can use the watch to talk without touching you phone, this features (voice functionality as well as voice control) is missing on the Sony Smartwatch 2. Sony watch supports NFC, and that’s missing on the Galaxy Gear. When it comes to the battery life the Gear gives just over 24 hours (heavy) usage on a full charge whereas Sony Smartwatch 2 gives over 72 hours of usage.

Galaxy Gear will be most costlier than the Sony watch, no word about Smartwatch 2 price, but Gear could be priced over Rs. 20,000 in India.

By Rajeev Rana

Founder and Chief Editor -