Sony Smartwatch 2 and Samsung Galaxy Gear a comparison

After Sony launched an upgraded Smartwatch 2, Samsung has also joined the Smartwatch bandwagon by launching the Samsung Galaxy Gear. Between the Gear and SW2 lets find out the smartest one.

The Galaxy Gear comes with a stainless steel body where as the Smartwatch 2 is made of aluminum. The Sony Smartwatch is lighter at around 49 grams with silicon strap as compared with the Samsung Smartwatch (75 grams).

If you compare the size the Samsung Gear is 11.1mm thick, 37mm wide and length is 57mm, Sony Smartwatch 2 is 9mm thick, 42mm wide and 41mm in length. There is not much difference with the screen size. Gear is with 1.63 inch screen with 320×320 pixels resolution and Smartwatch 2 is 1.60 inches with 220 x176 pixels. The Samsung watch no doubt has a better screen pixel density and in turn sharper picture as compared with the Sony watch. Moreover the Gear watch comes with Super AMOLED display and added advantage.

Both the Smart watches are powered by single core processor however the Galaxy Gear is more powerful – 800 MHz frequency as compared with the Sony Smartwatch 2 that comes with 200 MHz frequency.

There is no camera on the Sony watch but the Samsung Gear does come with a 1.9MP placed on the strap.  Both of these smart watches are water resistant to a certain extent. As far as compatibility is concerned the Gear works only on Galaxy Note 3 (Android 4.3), Sony watch is compatible with any handset running Android ICS (version 4.0 and over).

Samsung Galaxy Gear vs Sony Smartwatch2

The Galaxy Gear supports voice call / Voice control (recognition), it comes with built in speaker and microphone, you can use the watch to talk without touching you phone, this features (voice functionality as well as voice control) is missing on the Sony Smartwatch 2. Sony watch supports NFC, and that’s missing on the Galaxy Gear. When it comes to the battery life the Gear gives just over 24 hours (heavy) usage on a full charge whereas Sony Smartwatch 2 gives over 72 hours of usage.

Galaxy Gear will be most costlier than the Sony watch, no word about Smartwatch 2 price, but Gear could be priced over Rs. 20,000 in India.

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  1. Rahul says:

    Hi Gogi,
    please suggest a better option among following:
    1. Xolo q700 Rs. 8500
    2. Xolo q600 Rs. 7300
    Its urgent.

    • Ajay Tiwari says:

      I am using xolo Q 700 this is the best phone under 9000 for now.

  2. anil says:

    Gogi sir
    I have just purchased iberry nuclea n1. When i tried to instal gprs setting recd from idea it asks for pin. After entering pin it again asks for pin so many times. I could not instal settings. Plz help me. How can i instal settings.

  3. ankit says:

    Sir,please review canvas fun a74 handset & bolt a40 & also mention about display quality compared with sum. Grand.

  4. RAHUL says:

    GOGI any more handsets which you may receive this week?

    • Gogi Rana says:

      There are few, you can check the announcement section.

  5. vineetv says:

    Hi Gogi,
    Iwent through your review of mmx vanvas hd 116. A part of your review is as follows-
    Memory, Storage and OS
    The dual SIM A116 comes with 1GB RAM and 4GB internal storage.
    0.96 GB is allocated for apps of which 0.91GB is free.
    You get 1.8GB free internal SD space.
    Of the 1GB RAM you get about 644MB free.
    Micro SD card of up to 32GB is supported but the apps are stored on the internal storage. I will check this further when doing the gaming review.
    The handset sails on the Android Jelly Bean 4.1.2 OS.

    Now my question is that on what part downloaded apps get stored ,either on .91gb or on 1.8gb. The term internal memory, internal storage & internal sd are frequently used in your reviews but can’t be specified which part of internal memory.
    Please define the things for what you use the terms
    1.internal memory
    2.internal storage
    3.internal SD.

    • Amartya B says:

      Internal memory: Memory inside the machine in total ->4GB
      Internal storage: Memory where the app data of large apps like games along with other files like songs,videos,etc is stored ->1.8GB
      Internal SD: Memory card/flash chip that is within the phone ->4GB
      Some New Terms:
      Application specific Internal Memory: Memory in which apps are installed(contains the apk files)-> 0.96GB
      System specific Internal Memory: Memory taken up by the Android system itself ->(4-0.96-1.8)=1.25GB
      And finally Cache an Dalvik cache makes up the rest of the internal memory
      Hope it helped cheers!!

      • vineetv says:

        Thanks dear

  6. Vishal says:

    Hey Gogi,
    I think you shold also compare Pebble smartwatch with other two. Pebble smartwatch much better than these two. It is available at just 150 usd .it has epaper display,waterproof down to 50meters, compatible with both android as well as iOS and most important thing weeklong batterylife.

    • Gogi Rana says:

      Yes but is it available in India?

      • vishal says:

        No,its not available in india but i read we can buy it from pebble singapore and it shipped to india through singpost and shipping is free.

  7. Vishal says:

    Hey Gogi,
    I think you shold also compare Pebble smartwatch with other two. Pebble smartwatch much better than these has epaper display,waterproof down to 50meters, compatible with both android as well as iOS and most important thing weeklong batterylife.

  8. Aadi says:

    Samsung’s products are highly priced always ,this one too ..

  9. Ali says:

    Hi Gogi

    There is some typing error you wrote 20k price ?

    • Gogi Rana says:

      its over 20,000.

  10. Pradeep says:

    Overpriced . The galaxy gear. 10,000 is a good ask for these gadgets. Otherwise, they are a waste of money. Moreover you first have to buy a galaxy note 3 to make use of G Gear. LOL @samsung

    • Gogi Rana says:

      Pradeep the Smartwatch is selling for under 7K, probably the SW2 will be well under 20K.

      • Sanchit says:

        Gogi smartwatch 1 or 2 sellling for 7k ? which site man ?

        • Gogi Rana says:

          Smartwatch 1..

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