Seagate Ultra Mobile HDD 500 GB space, works with Mobiles and Tablets

Seagate has launched a new storage device named the Seagate Ultra Mobile HDD specially made for mobiles and tablets. This new technology makes use of the Seagate Dynamic data driver that enhances the storage capacity by up to 7x times. In all you get larger storage space with same performance, reliability and power of a flash drive.

According to Steve Luczo, CEO / President and Chairman of Seagate this new technology will make the mobile / tablet manufactures to re-imagine the devices, it will be a game-changer in terms of storage capacity.

The Seagate Ultra Mobile HDD is 5mm thin and comes with 500 GB storage capacity. It also comes with ZGS (Zero Gravity Sensors) and gyro motion support.  The ZGS sensor can detect a free fall (i.e. say if you accidentally drop the hard disk), when it senses a free fall it automatically parks the drive head to prevent damages – this is done within 60 milliseconds. Other features are SATA 6GB/s, 400 Gs operating shock and 600 MB/s maximum data transfer rate.

Seagate Ultra Mobile -HDD for tablets and mobile phones

Seagate Ultra Mobile HDD

The Ultra Mobile Hard Disk weighs about 93 grams.  The special drive boost performance at the same time reduces power consumption. This device is for now designed to work with Android OS only.

The Ultra Mobile HDD can be used with tablets and as an external storage (via the USB port). No word about the price tag.


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