This may sound weird and possibly make many of the android lovers happy. NewKia a new company was formed the day Microsoft, Nokia got together. Thomas Zilliacus, former CEO of Nokia came up with the NewKia idea, in fact he wanted to buy Nokia but couldn’t due to lack of funds.

According to Thomas Zilliacus many consumers are not happy with the Windows OS, moreover the number of Android users is multiplying as compared to that of Windows. Windows OS share is too small and this prevents many developers from developing their apps for the same.

He believes that Nokia has the best know how when it comes to Mobile technology and he wants to get in the best people to join NewKia. The idea is to use the Nokia technology and design / built the best smartphones, of course running on the Android OS.

To start with they would want to launch a new phone every year depending on funds and employee strength. In an interview with Zdnet, Zilliacus pointed out that in 2003, Nokia had a prototype that looked similar to the iPhone (this was 4 years before iPhone was launched). But that never happened just because Nokia thought that the market would reject the design, he still has the prototype in a drawer.

Well if the NewKia company could start-up we could see Nokia quality phones running Android OS, but will the brand matter?

Thank you for the tip – Amartya.B.

By Rajeev Rana

Founder and Chief Editor -