Motorola will soon launch a Smartwatch called the Moto 360. The 360,  is because of the circular design. Now this already makes the Moto 360 completely unique, if you have noticed all of the other smart watches available in the market are either square or with a rectangular design.

Moto engineer had to work from scratch to get the key component into this circular piece of modern technology. Moto 360 has got the authentic watch look and at the same time can do a lot more that just revealing the time.

The 360 watch will keep you updated without distracting you, with a twist you can check the emails, notification, who’s calling, appointments, etc.. And yes it does responds to voice too just say “Okay Google” and ask the question. The watch will be using the Google Android Wear OS which is a modified version, designed especially for wearable devices.

The 360 has got a round face, the body is made of premium material, the watch is comfortable to wear and of course eye catching. Motorola stated that the wristwatch has gone through several evolutions (over 100 years) and Motorola’s vision is to celebrate the history of this fashionable accessory with the 360 wristwatch, the watch for the future.

Moto 360 smartwatch

2014 will see many more smartwatches being launched, there are other smartphone manufactures including Google working on wearable devices. The Moto 360 will be launched in Summer 2014.

Moto 360 in action

Moto 360 view

Moto 360 smartwatch option

By Rajeev Rana

Founder and Chief Editor -