The SmartQ Z Smartwatch comes powered by 1GHz JZ4775 CPU with 512MB RAM and 4GB internal storage.  This Smartwatch can easily sync with any smartphone running Android 4.0 and above. The SmartQ Z is available for $99.

Box Pack
It is a small box that houses the Smartwatch, USB to 3.5mm cable that can be used to transfer data as well as for charging and a user guide.

Smart Q Z design
The body is made of plastic – available in Black, Red and Blue colors. The watch strap is black color made of rubber. The build quality and the finishing is very good. They have used a standard watch strap and in case you want to change it you can easily do that from any local watch store.

The SmartQ Z weighs about 43 grams with battery. It is 12.46mm thick, breadth is 30.70 and the length is 49.79mm. There are 4 screws on the back in case you want to remove the back cover, though really not needed. On the rear it is clearly mentioned that the watch is water resistant up to 3ATM that is up to 30 feet, but on a safer side avoid any watery encounters.

There are two buttons on the right side – the power and the back button and on the left there is 3.5mm audio jack and built in Mic. There is no built in speaker so you need to either use the earphone connected to the 3.5mm jack or set the watch to vibration mode.

smartq z box pack

Hardware specifications
Powered by 1GHz Ingenic JZ4775 CPU. RAM is 512MB and internal storage is 4GB of which 2GB is available for user. The SmartQ Z comes with built in music player app and you can store a lot of MP3 files on the 2GB storage (your portable music player watch).

The touch screen is 1.54 inches, is very smooth though it will take some time getting used to it. The TFT LCD screen resolution is 240×240 pixels. The fonts and the icons are clear and the viewing angles are good enough.

smartq z review

Other features are built in Wi-Fi (b/g/n), Bluetooth 4.0 and UBS 2.0. There is a pedometer and motion sensor. This watch supports 4 languages and comes with 300 mAh battery that gives standby time of up to 12 days.

The performance is good and at times it does lag a bit but that shouldn’t be an issue.

What can you do with this Smartwatch?
You need to download the ZWatch Sync app on your smartphone. The link to the ZWatch app is mentioned in the user guide. Once you install the app you need to pair the handset + watch using Bluetooth and bond it. Once the process is done the time, calendar, contact etc will be synced between the two devices.

smartq z smartwatch quick menu

You can view contact / details on the Smartwatch however you cannot dial the number from the watch. You can view SMS’s on the watch and reply to the SMS using pre-defined text messages or even call the number.

Incoming call notification along with the contact photo (if any) and number / name will be displayed on the watch with 3 options, mute, call and cancel. If you accept the call you need to use your smartphone or a Bluetooth earphone.

smartq Z SMS

I connected my Bluetooth earphone with (Samsung Note 2) smartphone and the SmartQ Z watch with the same smartphone. So when I got a call I could view the caller details on the watch and when I pressed the answer button (on the watch) the call got connected and I was in conversation using the Bluetooth earphone.

There is built in 2GB space available you can use that to store MP3 and use it as a portable player. Other interesting apps that comes pre-installed are Gofit (pedometer), remote camera (that can be used to control the camera on the smartphone – you need to keep the smartphone on for it to work – it should not be in the sleep mode.), Notify, file explorer, music player, timer, wechat, weather, SMS, phone log, contacts and sleep analysis. The phone (call log) does not work with Samsung smartphones.

Firmware upgrade
Though there is no option to install apps on the Smartwatch using Google play, but the good news is that there are a  lot of software development activities happening. The SmartQ developers are coming up with upgraded versions. This watch came with 1.7 versions (based on Android 4.3 – though it seems like 4.1). There is a new 1.8 version available on the smartdevices English website whereas on the Chinese page you can find the 2.3 version. In the 2.3 version the notification support has been added i.e. you can get Gmail, Facebook, Twitter and many more notifications on the Smartwatch.

Gmail / What’sapp and other: You get notification.
Facebook: You can read the text.

After 8 hours the battery dropped from 89 to 84 percent this was with Bluetooth switched off, and when it reached 84 percent I switched on the Bluetooth and battery dropped from 84% to 20% in just over 24 hours. For normal usage with Bluetooth on the battery should last for 1 ½  to 2 days and with heavy to moderate usage it should be about 24 hours.

It is a very good smartwatch with good features and water resistant too. There has been a lot of firmware upgrades and you can expect many more to come with new features / apps. The SmartQ Z is priced at $99 (Rs. 6,200) +  $17.74 for Fedex HK express shipping, a total of $117.73 (Rs. 7,300 @ 62Rs.).

The Smartwatch is available online in Black | Blue | Red.

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SmartQ Z unboxing and review video

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  1. Hello,
    I have Chinese smartphone (Note3 copy), and I don’t know Bluetooth version I only know that is not BT 4.0.
    Is it BT4.0 version only?


      1. Thanks Gogi brother, I am actually planning to buy two of them from and also planing to order UMI X!! as well along with them(Is UMI is good to get from here?!). Please suggest me a best procedure as i am planning to get these with in ten days from now as I am not sure which courier would be good. Please suggest me as I am doing this for the first time. Your valuable inputs are much appreciated. Please let me know if know any other way of getting these things in India. Have a great evening. Cheers. 🙂

        1. Nishad, it is a good site and lot of good stuffs, when checking out use the express shipping method it will cost you $31 to $46 this is best and safe method and you can get the delivery within 7 days or 10 days. It can be easily tracked and in most cases clears the customs without any issue. In case the package gets checked at customs you will need to pay the custom duty at the time of delivery (to the courier guy) (you will know if there was a duty while tracking). The custom amount will be say for Rs. 15K phone it will be around Rs. 600 to Rs. 1000.

          1. Could you please suggest me the best ones among the below?

            Pipo P1 vs Onda V979M Retina tablet and
            SWatch K2 vs SmartQ Z.

            If any other one’s are better than these, please suggest them as well.

          2. I checked the specs Pipo P1 looks better, however the Onda is also very good, slimmer. The Onda V979M benchmark is not mentioned. You can choose any, giving more weight-age to features you want. SWatch K2 watch looks good – a Samsung gear 2 clone.

          3. Then, I will order one SmartQ Z and one SWatch K2 ;). I am also comparing the specs with other tabs in order to choose the best one, with lot of confusion though: (. They have mentioned about the one year warranty, but not sure how that works out. Once again, thanks a lot brother..:)

          4. I have already ordered those two smart watches and the Pipo P1 as per your suggestion :). Thank you very much Gogi bhai. Will update you on the performance of these devices once after receiving them.:) Have a great weekend.

          5. These people are saying they haven’t received the money. They are asking for the copies of my id and CC. What to do with these docs, as the payment was already made?!! Please guide me.

      2. I have cancelled the transaction with Pandawill. They were asking some annoying questions.
        I have sent all the details asked by them (even my credit card statement!!)
        I have also sent my id proof details and surprisingly, they have started asking for it again.
        Not sure why they did this. Hope, my money is safe and will be refunded soon.
        Please suggest me if anything is suspicious here. Even my CC might have already levied me 3.5+12.5 charges.

          1. How did you make the payment? through ‘PayPal’? Please do mention in your comments. They were suggesting me to use ‘Paypal’ and asked me many times to remove the EMS express delivery option and select the standard delivery to avoid customs!!! What’s the problem for them if i go with it?

          2. Yes they prefer paypal. Standard deliver will take time, so if you can take the risk of paying customs then express is the way.

          3. Gogi for any item received in for India from abroad customs duty is must except certain things that are Brought up for personal use and that too for a limited amount. What pandawill is doing is mentioning wrong and undervalued amount of goods and this is in violation of Customs Act. You may also get summons from customs authority which may be troublesome for you. And you by promoting such transactions also come under the provisions of Customs act and it act. So please abide by law as if you will be asked for proving the amount you paid that will not match with the invoice and you shall be in big trouble

          4. And i think, that was the reason they were avoiding through express as they have to pay for the actual amount!!
            If i select standard delivery, will there be any guaranty that my items are delivered safely??
            By the bye, is AliExpress a good site Gogi bro.?

          5. All sites will do the same. If you want to pay customs you can tell them to ship with original invoice that would be better.

          6. If that’s the case, how much the customs charge if they send us the original/actual invoice for ₹30,000?

          7. Thanks bro. I did after watching many other reviews(t was not functional though). But, your review will always be very valuable for us Gogi bro.
            Thanks again 🙂

    1. Thanks for your review, I like this watch, you know any local market in mumbai? from where we can purchase this products.

  2. Your description says that 1- you cannot dial from watch using sync smart watch
    2- do you have two blue tooth connection capacity to smart watch – one for smart phone other for blue tooth headset ?

  3. I bought ZWATCH, installed the last firmware v3.1, and I still to my iphone 5 but they can’t connected together. The iphone is still on the last firmware.
    the problem is that both devices be recognized but the phone status remains “not connected” and the watch ” connected “….? could you help me?

    1. Did you install the zWatch app from AppStore? They should be connected as long as the iPhone is on IOS 7.

  4. Hello!

    Hungarian language is it? How many dollars would be the minimum price of one (1) piece and shipping to Hungary?

    thank you

  5. Hello, i’ve a iphone 5, can this whatch connect easy to it and receive my phone sms and synchronise to, with the mobile? May i should have an app like in android phones, to use the whatch more easily?

  6. Gogi Sir,

    I made the booking through the above link ( through credit card. did they ask you to confirm your identity by providing the copies of the credit card and identity card if any.

    1. Yes some sites do ask. But u need not disclose the full card number. They just need last 4 or 3 number u can send scan copy with rest number covered.

      Use panda will live chat service for support. They will guide u.

  7. Great Gogi.
    Please bring this kind of good information to everyone so that they know what they can get at the best.
    People know very little about the technology and especially in our country, they buy what they get without knowing the better options.
    There are many better products which don’t even reach India due to the dirty politics. They are far better than what we get in here.
    These bloody politicians have made India as a third world where in you get third quality products for a very high price.

    We have a very positive impression on you dear Gogi brother being an unbiased reviewer and we all wish to see you always as the one to be.
    We are spreading your word and do spread your good knowledge to all our people out here.
    Thanks Bro. Have a good day 🙂

  8. GOgi after reading your review on this watch..i am thinking what is the use of such product . i mean message reading is ok at some level but call rec. how it work for that..i feel it is not very useful …good in this price but just a show piece ..what other uses possible with it?

    1. True it is more like a show piece, but there are some feature that an come handy at times like built in MP3 player and 2GB storage, there is no call recorder but there is recorder using built in mic. You can read SMS that is good and as for get incoming call alert which you can cancel / accept but you need phone or other BT device. This watch can be helpful in certain situations.

  9. Although this watch has a good battery life, what about our smartphones? Keeping bluetooth on all the time will drain battery, so practically this device is pretty useless.

    1. Watch is Bluetooth 4.0 BLE (Bluetooth low energy efficient) and if you have smartphone with Bluetooth 4.0 you will get better battery life.

    1. If you choose express shipping it will be delivered within 7 to 8 working days. And if you choose the other shipping methods like Singapore register post it will take 19 to 25 days.

        1. In case there is a need to play duty, then you need to pay to the courier guy at the time of delivery.

  10. hey gogi from where which site did u buy the watch and how much time did it take to ship?…did u have to pay customs or handling charge to fedex?

    1. The link is mentioned in the article at the end of the article. There are 20% chance that you might need to pay customs and if that be it will be under Rs. 400 not more that that.

    1. Hi it will connect to any phone that runs on Android 4.0 – does not matter if the phone supports OTA or not.

  11. Gogi ji sony smart watch 1 also available now for 5999/- which one is better smart watch 1 or this one ??

    1. Screen resolution and features are more advanced on the Z watch. You can buy this watch online from China, so if you are not comfortable you can o with Sony watch 1.

  12. Nice watch but for indians its just waste because no indian would buy this for 6200 if it was able to price at 2-2.5 k then it would nice

    But gogi please review any handset with mt6582 please many people are waiting for the review of this chip so please review any handset with this chipset (karbonn s5 plus,pioneer 3,canvas 2.2)

    1. Well 1$ is 62Rs, if Rs gets stronger it will get cheaper, but if you have checked the specs its with 512MB RAM and 4GB storage.