TravelCard is the perfect mobile phone charger that is the size of a credit card and that can easily fit in your wallet. The TravelCard can charge the iPhone via Lightning option and other devices via the micro USB option. Go Design is the company behind this innovation, listed on kickstarter – and had already met their funding goals in just 2 days.

The key issues with any smartphones are the battery backups, most of them will hardly last for a day with heavy usage. Getting a power source at times to re-charge the device may not be that easy, it would be handy if you had an extra battery or an emergency portable charger.

There are mobile chargers available in the market but almost all of those are bulky and probably none of them will fit in the wallet. Here is where the TravelCard comes into picture –  a compact charger right in your wallet ready to re-charge your smartphone.

TravelCard is the size of a credit card and just 4.77mm thick. It will be available in Sapphire Blue, Silver, White and Black colors. The body is made of aircraft grade aluminum that helps shred off that extra weight. The weight is 56.7 grams. 1300 mAh Li-Po battery that it houses gives a talk time of up to 5 hours, up to 4 ½ hours of net usage and standby time of about 98 hours. The TravelCard can be fully charged in 75 minutes.

travelcard phone charger

If you are using an iPhone as well as an android phone you will need to buy two different TravelCards – the iPhone version and the micro USB version. The expected price will be around $45 + $10 (Approx Rs. 3,000) for shipping outside the US.

TravelCard Design has been approved by Apple Inc the working sample will be submitted to Apple in April for final approval. The device is expected to be made available in May 2014.

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By Rajeev Rana

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