Wello is a health tracker device with high tech features, well not exactly a device but a phone cover, yes a phone cover/case, and hold your breath it’s for Rs. 12,350 – well hold your breath a little more, this is a limited time offer, the price may even go higher.

So what’s so exciting about the Wello device.. err.. phone cover apart from the price tag? This case works on iOS and Android devices (KitKat included). Wello works with Bluetooth, it doubles up as a phone cover. Just hold the cover as shown in the image below, switch on the Wello and you can view your blood pressure, heart rate, blood oxygen levels, temperature and lung function.

Wello is safe and accurate, and it’s your personal 24/7 health tracer. You can not only get live feedback about your health but it also helps you manage by keeping track of the patterns over time. This high tech phone case is definitely an interesting gadget, a powerful health tracker that doubles up as a phone cover providing some extra protection.

The price however is on a higher side, probably might raise the blood pressure for some. Do you think the features and the price is really worth it?

Wello how to hold

Wello health tracker

Wello health tracker phone cover / case

Wello can be pre-booked for Rs. 12,350.

By Rajeev Rana

Founder and Chief Editor - gogi.in