Micromax MMX 440W wireless router, hotspot and portable charger

Micromax has launched a stylish, sleek and portable Wi-Fi router named MMX 440W. It can function as hotspot, router and can also charge devices like smartphones, thanks to the 4400 mAh battery that it houses. It is listed on flipkart for Rs. 2090.

They price details have not yet been revealed but the MMX 440W model is already listed on the Micromax info website. This portable router comes with 2.4GHz WLAN Band and supports HSDPA / HSUPA / HSPA+, CDMA EVDO Rev modem.

You can plug in your wired LAN cable and use the MMX 440W as a hotpots connecting and sharing the net connection with up to 32 devices simultaneously. There is a built in rechargeable battery of 4400 mAh capacity. You can carry this device anywhere – simply plugin in any wired network and go wireless.

Micromax MMX440W

Another unique thing about this device is that the same battery can be used to charge other mobile devices. In all the MMX 440W can act as a portable charger, can be used as a portable router and a Wi-Fi hotspot. This is similar to the Lava W200 pocket wireless router with power bank, however the W200 cannot be used to charge another device moreover the battery is just 1800 mAh capacity.

440W will cost a little more than the Lava W200 model, as it comes with better features.

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  1. dil says

    Can we put 3G simcard in this device and enhance portable 3G while traveling? Is it nessesary to connect with a dongle? Please reply….. Waiting to buy the same!!

  2. P. Panchal says

    I need to connect reliance netconnect+ USB Dongle with micromax 440W.
    I’ve tried all options in router putting username & password as 10 digit number.
    Still I’m not able to get an internet connection through.
    Can any one help?

    • Ankur maurya says

      user name & password me apne 10 digit reliance number dal kar try karo expl
      username -93XXXXXXXX
      password- 93XXXXXXXX

      try this

  3. shobhit jain says

    How can i connect micromax MMX440 router to reliance broadband via LAN cable. Please suggest required settings.

  4. dhanasekar says

    Airtel 3G dongle not supported on Micromax router?

    hi All,

    can someone help me in resolving this problem?

    i’ve checked with a different dongle(which is not AIRTEL or any company product) its a universal dongle.
    Its working. oly AIRTEL dongle doesnt seem to work.

  5. sandy says

    Hello sir I am in trouble with micromax mmx440w router. I am unable to connect both modem and lan to It.pls help with user guide.
    Thanks. …………

  6. Shna says

    Bsnl EVDO works perfect with this device..in the 3g option you should select ‘user define’..leave ‘apn’ & ‘pin’ blank ..
    put dialed no as #777…put your bsnl evdo username and password…if do not know it contact your Bsnl office..but please deselect auto select isp..Than click on apply..you all set to go

  7. shaan_npl says

    I have a mmx300c dongle and using bsnl evdo service. I purchased Mmx400w thinking it would support mmx300c out of the box as both are from same brand. But Alas….. it doesn’t and they claim it support EVDO dongles in general. Isn’t it pathetic?
    They have not even mentioned on their website the list of the dongles they support out of the box.
    Searching for support but unable to get any…..
    Is there any firmware update…….?
    Micromax please wake up……

    • pritam says

      bro i am also using bsnl evdo and i am also having same problem with this device, have u found any solution yet with this device or can u tell me which datacard does it support

  8. Shekhar says

    I need to connect reliance netconnect broadband + USB make Huawei EC1260 HSD RevA with micromax 440W. I’ve tried all reliance options in router portal leaving APN blank & just putting username & password as 10 digit number. Still I’m not able to get an internet connection through. Does anyone have a success story?

  9. Inder says

    I tried using the product with my Airtel Data Dongle. Worked great.
    Everything worked on its own – practically not much of fidgeting and haggling.
    I was quite anxious and suspicios but, they seem to Micromax guys seem to have done a good job when it comes to auto configuration (plug & play) for a Airtel Dongle.
    One thing that I am not sure of is the Wifi Range.
    What distance can the hotspot support.
    My signals see to never be full and beyond 3 – 4mtrs – they just die.
    I used a Wifif Analyzer and the signals never go above -80db.
    Seems to be something poor for a Wifi hotspot.

    Thinking of calling the service centre but, though should check if the experience is universal of its just me.

    Any feedback for other uses will be helpful

  10. Srinivas says

    Hi Gogi
    I’m planning to buy this to use with my Airtel 4G dongle. I have 2 questions:
    1) Can I keep this connected full time to the electrical supply? i.e. would it have any negative effect on the battery life if it is connected to the electrical supply continuously?
    2) Does it support the Airtel 4G dongle? On the micromax site, it only says “HSDPA/HSUPA/HSPA+,CDMA EVDO Rev modem Compatible”. No mention of 4G.

    It’d be great if someone could answer these questions.