Google plus page feature is now open for everyone and anyone with a Google plus account can easily create a Google page. Once the page is created you can start sharing the URL with your friends who can then add your page to their circle or in other words subscribe to your page.

As of now you have to use the same login id and password to access your pages and your profile, unlike on Facebook where you can assign admin’s to specific pages.  Okay so I created a page added some post onto it and then closed my browser and when I came back, logged in to my Google plus account I got the default profile page, I could not find the page I created. I tried searching on the right side in profiles, account settings etc but could not find any links to it.

I am sure many of you would have faced the same problem. In Facebook we use the menu option on the right hand side to switch to a page. Switching from your default profile to Google+ page is simple, you should in fact be looking on the left side rather on the right.

How to switch from default profile to pages that you created on Google plus

  • You need to be logged in and you should have created at least one page.
  • On the left side just below the Google+ logo you will see your account name, photo and a drop-down link to switch between pages and profile.
  • You will also find the manage the page link option there, or simply use this link.
Manage Google plus pages
Manage Google plus pages

By Rajeev Rana

Founder and Chief Editor -