I am sure most of you might have already enabled the Facebook Timeline feature, in case you haven’t, check out my post on how to activate Facebook Timeline. Once you have the Timeline activated the first thing that needs to be done is to assign or create the cover photo.

With the Facebook Timeline the profile page is not like it was before. Timeline is like an open book highlighting all your memorable photos, posts and your life, all properly organized – of course you do have an option to show what you want to, from birth till date. To make the Timeline page (or the new profile page) more impressive you need a main cover photo could be a single image or a collage.

Click on Change cover and you will be given an option to choose from already uploaded photos on Facebook or you can also upload a new photo, if you had already added the cover page you will get one some options i.e. reposition it or remove it.

For best results use any graphics software (example paint, Photoshop) and create a collage or resize the photo to 850 by 315px – 850 is width and 315 the height. If you are not familiar with any graphics software you can directly upload any image, just make sure it is large enough and then you can reposition it and choose the specific area of that image.

Facebook cover photo
Facebook cover photo

Since the cover photo area is limited to 850 x 315px it may get tricky getting some images to fit properly. So if you can use the image software and design a new image restricted to the recommended pixel size.

Check out some general ready-made Facebook cover photos that you can use on your profile visit www.coverphotoz.com and fcoverphotos.com

By Rajeev Rana

Founder and Chief Editor - gogi.in