The world’s favourite social networking site Facebook had introduced the Timeline feature last year, you might have heard of it or may actually be using it. Just in case you have seen this feature on your Facebook friend’s profile and wondered how to enable it, here is how-to enable Timeline.

The new Timeline page will eventually be rolled out to every Facebook account. You will receive an alert when the feature is enabled on your profile. In case you don’t want to wait you can enable Timeline right now.

To get started login to your Facebook account and then replace the address bar with the introducing timeline URL i.e.  and hit the get Timeline button. You will then see message asking to refresh the current page.

Facebook Timeline is now enabled but only you can view it. You need to review the timeline and publish it when you are ready. It is important that you review the timeline page so you can hide or add details that you want. This is like your life story, the timeline of events and photos that you had uploaded all perfectly kept in order from the day you opened the account, the mid-time and today.

How to activate Facebook timeline
Facebook timeline

If you are an active Facebook user take your time and do review the Timeline page because after 7 days the Timeline will automatically go live. You can also click the Start Tour button next to publish now to know more about the Facebook Timeline feature.

By Rajeev Rana

Founder and Chief Editor -