Most Affordable unlimited broadband plan in Mumbai from MTNL

Tri Band broadband service from MTNL Mumbai has made their broadband plan the most affordable plan in Mumbai. For as little as Rs. 845 (quarterly) users can surf unlimited at speed 256 Kbps. These unlimited plans come with two payments options quarterly or annually.

MTNL affordable Unlimited Broadband Plans

Charges: Quarterly
Cost: Rs. 845
Broadband Speed: up to 256 Kbps – Unlimited quarterly

Charges: Annually
Cost: Rs. 3,245
Broadband Speed: up to 256 Kbps – Unlimited yearly

Both the plans mentioned above Rs. 50 as monthly modem charges are applicable and users get to surf at up to 256 Kbps day / night.

Other MTNL Unlimited plans options

Plan Day Speed Night Speed Monthly Charges Annual Charges
DSL 395 unlimited Up to 384 Kbps Up to 512 Kbps Rs. 395 Rs. 4,345
DSL 495 Combo unlimited Up to 384 Kbps Up to 512 Kbps Rs. 495 N/A
DSL 599 unlimited Up to 608 Kbps Up to 752 Kbps Rs. 599 Rs. 6,589
DSL 749 unlimited Up to 832 Kbps Up to 1 Mbps Rs. 749 Rs. 8,239
DSL 999 unlimited Up to 1.13 Mbps Up to 1.34 Mbps Rs. 999 Rs. 10,989
DSL 1599 unlimited Up to 1.34 Mbps Up to 1.79 Mbps Rs. 1,599 Rs. 17,589
DSL 4999 unlimited Up to 2 Mbps Up to 2 Mbps Rs. 4,999 Rs. 54,989
DSL 9999 unlimited Up to 4 Mbps Up to 4 Mbps Rs. 9,999 Rs. 1,09,989

For more information check out MTNL Mumbai Website.