Google Search as we have seen before not only does find the content you are looking for but also, sometime does some special effects on the screen, depending on the keyword used. You might have tried Google Barrel Roll or tried searching with Google Gravity or use keyword what is my IP. Well now there is something new, Christmas is around and time for some snow.

Just load and type in the keyword ‘let it snow’, when you see the results just wait for some time, it will start snowing and within few minutes the search results will be covered with mist just like on a glass. You will then see the defrost button which when pressed, will clear off this effect and take you back to normal search.

But hold on there is more. With more mist on the screen the search results will hardly be visible, at that time use the mouse, click and drag to clear or write through the mist.  Why now try it now and Let it Snow for those who are missing it.

Try Searching for 'let it snow' on
Try Searching for 'let it snow' on

By Rajeev Rana

Founder and Chief Editor -