Lava W200 review and unboxing – Pocket wireless router plus powerbank

The Lava W200 is a portable wireless router with built in battery. You can connect your wired LAN and share the connection wireless with up to 32 devices. This pocket wireless router also supports EVDO and 3G dongles.

W200 box pack
Inside the box there is the W200 router, user guide and USB to micro USB cable. The specifications are mentioned on the box pack. The device supports EVDO dongles and 3G dongles. The battery of 1800 mAh capacity is built in.

Design and installation
The router is 14mm thick (dimensions 95x35x14 mm), it easily fits in the pocket and is light weight at 124 grams. The built in battery of 1800 mAh capacity gives a usage time of over 4 hours and standby time of over 8 hours. The transmission distance is 30m indoors and 50m outdoors.

There is a USB slot that can be used to connect the 3G dongle, the RJ45 slot for connecting wired LAN and a DC port (micro USB port) for charging or to power up the device. There is a reset button, a ‘T’ button to check the battery levels and a slide button to switch off, charge and start the router.

Installation is pretty simple, you just switch on the router and either connect the wired LAN or supported 3G dongle. Then switch on the Wi-Fi on other device and you should get the Lava W200 network, just connect. You may need to configure the wired LAN. 3G dongle might work without any setup. There is the LED indication on the top. It will turn RED when there is no network connect to the router and will turn pink and then stable blue LED when the network is detected / available.

Lava W200 box pack

What can the Lava W200 router do?
The W200 is a portable wireless router, you can carry it anywhere, any place. With W200 you can share your existing wired network or supported 3G dongle via Wi-Fi router / 3G hotspot. This comes with a built in battery so you can use it without the need of a power source. A very good option, especially when you are on the move. You can connect the 3G dongle and share the net with other devices.

Lava W200 pocket wireless router

Lava W200 review
If you travel a lot and are using a dongle then this is a good option to have. But today almost all of the smartphones support Wi-Fi hotspot. It really depends on your what devices you are using. In case you have a wired network and or a 3G dongle at home and want to go wireless you can use the W200. The W200 is priced at Rs. 2,500 but you can get it for Rs. 1,699.


  • Compatible with CDMA EVDO Rev A/B USB modem, HSDPA/HSUPA/HSPA+.
  • Auto recognition of WAN/LAN and DHCO/ADSL without profile.
  • Connect iPhone and share.
  • Access Mode – WDCMA / EVDO / TD-WCDMA or WAN / LAN.
  • Supports up to 32 clients/devices.

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Lava W200 unboxing and review video




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