Netgear WN3000RP review universal Wi-Fi Range Extender

I just got the Netgear WN3000RP a universal Wi-Fi Range extender from flipkart. As the name suggest it’s a Wi-Fi extender that will extend the Wi-Fi signal. It is very useful if you are getting a weaker or no signal in some areas in your house or office.

I have a MTNL Wi-Fi router that gives a good signal in the room where it is placed, however if I move the laptop to another room I can barely access the signal. The only option is to be in the same room where the router is.

I have already covered an article on how to boost the Wi-Fi signal using Windsurfer technique. It did work well at least better than without it. But the signal at times was not that stable; it worked best when there is no obstacle and no movement around. Good enough for surfing but not trust worthy when it came to downloading or uploading stuffs.

I am using Tata Photon plus USB broadband dongle with 11GB free data usage per month with speed of up to 3.1Mbps and after the free data limit I can surf at speed of 115kbps or something for the rest of the billing cycle. I also have the MTNL Wi-Fi with 6GB usage limit per month (up to 3.1Mbps) after which I get speed of around 255 Kbps for the rest of the month.

Usually my Tata Photon limit gets exhausted by 20 to 25th of every month and I have to work on pathetic connection until the next cycle.  My desktop is out of range from my MTNL Wi-Fi and hence I got this Netgear WN3000RP Wi-Fi extender and now I am currently using the MTNL network via the Netgear device with full and stable signal.

Netgear WN3000RP box pack

Netgear WN3000RP review
The WN3000RP installation was pretty simple. This device has two antenna, on/off button, factory reset button, Ethernet port (can be used to connect the laptop / PC) and WPS button.

You just plugin it into the power slot and switch on the power. You can connect using WPS method or using Web browser. You can also connect devices to the ethernet port and access the same wirelessly example (TV, Gaming console etc.).

Netgear WN3000RP extender

I used the web browser option for setup. When you switch on the Wi-Fi extender you will see the NETGEAR_EXT as a new SSID. Just ignore you original SSID say for example it was “MYNET”. Connect to NETGEAR_EXT and when connected start the browser.

Netgear WN3000RP review

Once done you will see the NETGEAR setup screen where you will find the list of Wi-Fi SSID, there you will find your original router – MYNET, just select it and add the password just like you would do when using a Wi-Fi device. That’s all you need to do, the changes will be updated on the device and you will now find a new SSID called MYNET_EXT. The EXT is the extension. Just use the MYNET_EXT as your new Wi-Fi hotspot and you are ready to go.

Netgear WN3000RP side view

So basically you have the main router i.e. MYNET you can access that or use the MYNET_EXT which in fact will be easily accessible from places where it was impossible to access MYNET. Make sure you put the NetGear WN3000RP extender at a perfect place somewhere in the mid room from where it can easily access the parent Wi-Fi router and can also extend the range to every corner in your house or office.

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  1. Shanmuga says

    Hi Gogi,

    I purchased this range extender to use with my BSNL Wi Fi router. After repeated attempts it still does not connect. Can any one confirm if this works with BSNK Wi Fi modem/router?



  2. Pramod says

    Hi Gogi, I have just installed a MTNL Wifi connection installed and the connection is not available in my bedroom due to many walls. Can you suggest a powerful range extender ? are there any other options available?

    • Gogi Rana says

      You can get the Netgear WN3000RP extender if you have a power source in between the wi-fi and computer.

      • Pramod says

        Thanks Gogi bhai. I bought WN3000RP from Flipkart. Delivered just 15 mins back and I am now connected to the extender in my bedroom with full strength. The set up was a breeze I must say.

        Thanks once again for your advice.

  3. chetanya says

    Hey gogi, please tell does this repeater sacrifices half of the bandwidth of your wifi ??
    I’ve heard of repeaters decreasing the bandwidth to half, does it happens only in routers flashed with dd-wrt or with all repeaters ???

    • Gogi Rana says

      No in fact am getting full speed. In case the range is low say you are getting the network signal of less than 60% then you might experience slow performance that is not because of reduced bandwidth but the unstable signal. That is the reason why we use the repeater to increase the signal strength.

  4. arkav says

    hello gogi,
    This is my first time to ask u for a suggestion,I have a bsnl broadband connection in my home,now I need to access net through different room at my home.can I use wifi router for the connection?If yes then what will be the best wi fi router for my connection,
    for you convenience I like to inform u that my bsnl brdband offers me 2 mbps upto 15 gb afterwhich 256 kbps .
    thanks in advance.

    • gogi says

      Hi you need to position the Wi-Fi router such that there is least obstacle. And even after that if you are not able to get the signal in every corner of the house then get the extender.

  5. Amit says

    I am not a networking expert .bt why dont u buy a 300mbps router just for 1600-1700 nd use it as repeater by installing custom firmwares like dd-wrt and tomato instead of spending 3.4k on repeater

    • gogi says

      Yes there are custom firmwares you can used on selected routers. But this is good if you already have a spare router (compatible one), buying a new one and trying out the firmware will void the warranty and more disappointment in case it does not work.

      • manu bhatia says

        Dear gogi kindly let me know whether an ADSL router cum Modem is better than having a separate modem and router. The house area to be covered is 2000 sq feet.

        • gogi says

          Manu, the range also depends on the obstacles (walls / floor). You may need one router cum modem and an extender. But start with the ADSL modem wi-fi router and see if you get good signal if not then there is the extender option. Much of it also depend on where you are placing the ADSL Wi-Fi modem and extender. For example at my place If I can keep the Wi-Fi router at the place where the Netgear is being used then I will not need the extender, however its not possible as it would required more wiring and alot of civil work.

  6. AN¡LKeraLa says

    If I want WiFi at home, without any computer, is there any such devices available ? WiFi or 3G, what’s better and cheaper? I dunno much about WiFi. It may sound like a foolish question, because I think first we need 3G to get WiFi, na ?

  7. Vasu says

    Hi Mr. Gogi,
    Thank you for enlightening us of this wonderful product. But for me it came a bit late. I am living in a 2 storey house. Initially I had Netgear router which I set up on the first floor with the broadband modem. But coverage was poor. By the windsurfer method the coverage increased by 20%. There was hardly any coverage on the ground floor(around 40%). Then I bought D-Link wireless N300 router last month which I was told would cover 1000 feet radius. But I was very disappointed even though this router is double the cost of the Netgear router, its coverage was much less. Then I decided to lead a long ethernet cable from the modem on the first floor and connect it to the D-Link router on the first floor. Now the coverage is much better on both floors and I am satisfied but not fully satisfied as there are some pockets where the wi-fi coverage is in the 60% range.Please give the feedback on its performance. My experience with D_Link has been bad


    • gogi says

      Vasu, with the repeater I m now getting full signal. Before the signal was not constant it would keep fluctuation from 0 to 72 and I could not use the network on my desktop (room 1) that was short of 6 to 7 feet. Even in room 2 I could not use the network but now netgear is exactly placed in the center of the house and covers every corner.

      • pranav says

        i have recently purchased the WN3000RP extender after reading your review. I have a 450TC1 wireless MTNL modem at home and since the network is weak in some areas hence the thought of buying it. Now after following the initial steps of manual configuration using the Netgear Genie network assistant tool am not able to connect as the error after connecting the extender is Limited connectivity. however am able to connect the MTNl network directly without any issues. I also tried adding the MAC address of the extender as per the instructions on the manual to the MTNL router through, but to no avail. Same result…no connectivity. Can you help me as to where am i going wrong on this. Your help will be greatly appreciated.

        • Gogi Rana says

          Pranav, you have the wireless router. Just connect the extender to power point some where mid of your PC to the main router. You may need to follow the steps as mentioned – just need to press a button. Once done on your pc connect to the extender and once done try browsing the a website in a browser. You will get the admin screen you might need to enter the password (check manual). Now you will get the list of access point, look for your main router and click it. It will then ask for the main router password, add and it will connect. On successful connect it will ask if you want to use the same pass for the extender, choose yes and that’s it. You are now connect to the main router via the extender.