If you are using a Wi-Fi connection at home or office and you are not getting good signal because of low Wi-Fi range or obstacles, you got to read this – a simple and effective way of boosting the Wi-Fi antenna signal / range.

The idea is to focus the router signal where you want it. Ideally the antenna will spread the signal in a circular pattern and you need to be in range to access the router. In most cases the router is placed near the walls this hindrance weakens the signal and you will find it difficult to reach it when accessing from another room.

I have subscribed to MTNL Xpress broadband service with Wi-Fi modem. If you look at the image below it will give you an idea where my Wi-Fi modem and Desktop is located. I could not access the internet from my desktop, but by position the Wi-Fi modem and the D-Link N Nano USB Wireless adapter I managed to get about 75% signal, but the signal was very unstable and occasionally would dropped to zero.

Wi-Fi weak signal
How to boost weak Wi-Fi signal

I went shopping for another Wi-Fi router with repeater function but thankfully the shop did not have one. I then searched the net for ways to improve the Wi-Fi antenna range and found a solution. I tried it and it really did wonders.

homemade wi-fi antenna booster
homemade wi-fi antenna booster

All you need is a soft cardboard, glue, scissor, aluminium foil and layout (click here).  Check this video on how to make your own Wi-Fi Antenna Booster.

Results without Wi-Fi antenna booster

By simply positioning the MTNL Wi-Fi modem and using extended cable for the wireless USB Wi-Fi adapter I was able to get signal strength of max 75% which would keep fluctuation between 0 to 75%. And because of the fluctuations the net connection was extremely slow and would occasionally die out.  Moreover I had to keep the room door open all the time, closing it would block the signal completely.

MTNL Wi-Fi Modem
MTNL Wi-Fi Modem

Results with homemade Wi-Fi antenna booster

MTNL Modem with antenna booster
MTNL Modem with antenna booster

The antenna booster worked amazingly well I am now getting an almost stable signal of 75% to 85%, the net is quite fast and interestingly even after closing the door I get a signal of 60% + with the net still working.

I do not have lengthy cables and even with the antenna booster I have to position it such that the signal bounces off the wall into the passage area. By using lengthy cables I can get the Wi-Fi antenna booster positioned pointing towards the passage area which could result in 90% + signal strength.

So if you have Wi-Fi signal issues try this out, it really works, seriously.

how Wi-Fi antenna booster works
how Wi-Fi antenna booster works

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