Access your Google Adsense report using Adsense toolbar for Chrome browser

Many of the Google Adsense publishers including myself have the habit of checking the revenue generated every now and then. I remember using a plugin for Firefox few years back that would keep checking AdSense revenue occasionally and update the same in the browser status bar, very convenient, unfortunately the plugin failed and then there were some new plugin, but that too failed i.e. whenever Google updated.

Now Google has launched the Adsense publisher toolbar, a Google Chrome extension that is of course free to use and can be installed instantly on your Chrome browser. Moreover since this is a Google product it will never go down and keep itself updated. With the Adsense toolbar publishers can access real time reports (revenue earned) without having to login to your account.

Once installed publishers will need to enter their AdSense account login with password (it is safe to do so as this extension is provided by Google). They will then see the Adsense icon near the address bar. Click the icon to reveal a popup window with earning summary (today, yesterday, last month, this month) along with top 5 channels / URLs. The Adsense publisher toolbar will also show the lifetime revenue.

How to install Adsense Publisher Toolbar in Chrome

To install click this link from the chrome browser. Then click add to chrome. You will then see the confirmation option.

Google adsense toolbar for chrome

Google adsense toolbar for chrome

To proceed Google will need access to your data on all websites and your browsing and tabs activity.

Adsense Publisher Toolbar confirmation

Adsense Publisher Toolbar confirmation

The confirmation option is something that will keep many publishers away from using this AdSense toolbar. It really does not make sense allowing Google to keep track of your browsing and tabs activity.

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