My Google Analytics account has been upgraded with a new layout and a new feature called Real-Time, still in the beta stage. If you are using the newer version of Google Analytics and have noticed some changes in the layout most probably you have real time enabled.

Google will slowly roll out this new feature on every Google Analytics account, if your account is still not upgraded yet, it will be, soon.  The Real-Time feature is only available on the new Google Analytics version so if you are still using the older version, I would suggest you start using the newer version as anyway the old Analytics version will be replaced.

How to use the real time (Beta) feature on Google Analytics

  • Login to your Google Analytics account if you still haven’t.
  • You will land on the Account Home page from where you can choose (and click) the site you want to monitor.
  • You will immediately be taken to the standard reporting page which is similar to what you see on Analytics.
Google Analytics standard reporting page
Google Analytics standard reporting page
  • Next to the Standard Reporting menu there is a home tab, click it.
  • On the left side you will then see the Real-Time (Beta) link, oh so you clicked it already, GR8.
Google Analytics Real-Time feature
Google Analytics Real-Time feature
  • Now you can select Overview, location, traffic sources or content and watch live traffic on your site.

Google seem to be testing some new layout in case you do not see the options from home tab click the Dashboards, you should find the Real-Time link there.

The Real-Time overview option shows the locations, sources and live page URL that is currently accessed apart from a numeric figure that keeps changing depending on traffic on your site. You can however choose to view by locations only or by traffic sources.

So that’s, it takes some few seconds to see the active visitors on your site and they update in real-time, provided you have enough traffic to swing it.

By Rajeev Rana

Founder and Chief Editor -