Website owners who are using the Facebook recommendation box script on their site may rarely see the invalid action type error instead of the recommended list. I just checked some of the sites that are using the recommendation box; that too are showing the error.

The problem I think has nothing to do with the script but some error from Facebook. The best way to check it is to visit the recommendations plugin section and see if that is working. Upon visiting the recommendations box page I found it is also showing the invalid action type error.

How do you fix the Invalid action type error?

Almost all sites that have implemented this plugin are getting this error which points out that this is replicating from Facebook servers and most probably they fix it. Until then just keep checking your site if you are using this plugin and also do check the Facebook recommendation script generation page.

If your website is also showing this error, leave a comment below.

Facebook invalid action type error
Facebook invalid action type error

Update: Facebook Recommendation box is now working, so it had something to with Facebook. In case you find the invalid action type error, just ignore it, it will fix by itself.

By Rajeev Rana

Founder and Chief Editor -