Li-Fi a cheaper way of connecting to the net

Scientists in China have developed a new technology that will make use of LED light bulbs; they call it Li-Fi. If things work out well it could probably replace the traditional Wi-Fi that uses the radio frequencies with Li-Fi that uses light.

An Embedded microchip on the light bulb will make it possible achieve 3.25G with average access speeds of up to 150Mbps. It is a new technology and cost effective.  This light based communication can do everything that a Wi-Fi can. The Wi-Fi technology that we are using are expensive and low in efficiency.

Technically the LED light bulb replaces the Wi-Fi, so if you need more numbers of base stations just add the number of light bulbs. This technology seems good and energy utilization rate is just 5%. Its light based and if you block the light or turn off the bulb the signal will cut off.

Li-Fi light the internet

There is still a long way to go before we could light the internet. Li-Fi depends on high quality LED light penetration and that may not come for cheap at least for now.

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