Huawei has launched new Wi-Fi data cards in India. They have categorized the devices based on the Indian consumer need. The new data cards are Mobi-Fi for under Rs. 4,999, Power-Fi for under Rs. 2,999 and Laptopi-Fi for under Rs. 1,999.

The Mobi-Fi will give the users freedom to surf the net on the go by creating hotspot with a touch. Mobi-Fi will be available in different models i.e. the E5220 with 1150 mAh battery for Rs. 4,299; E5151 with 1500 mAh battery for Rs. 4,999 and E5730 with 5200 mAh battery (price unknown). The E5151 and the E5730 comes with Ethernet port – you can also connect wired net and create a hotspot. The E5730 comes with a 5200 mAh battery that can be used to charge other devices. Mobi-Fi offers max speed of 21.6Mbps.

Power-Fi comes with built in Wi-Fi but you need to connect it to a power source, you can either connect it to laptops, car charging port or using wall power. The Power-Fi is available as model no. E8231 (21.6Mbps) for Rs. 2,999 and E8221 (14.4Mbps) for Rs. 2, 499.

Huawei Mobi-Fi, Huawei Power-Fi and Huawei Laptopi-Fi Wi-Fi data cards

The Laptopi-Fi data card will allow user to convert their laptop into hotspot and user will be able to connect up to 5 devices (Huawei Mobi-Fi and Huawei Power-Fi can connect up to 10 devices). Users will also be able to make voice calls and send SMS’s. Laptopi-Fi E303FH with 14.4Mbps speed will be available for Rs. 1,899 and E3531 with 21.6Mbps for Rs. 1,999.

By Rajeev Rana

Founder and Chief Editor -