Xiaomi’s VP Hugo Barra has revealed that the brand, Xiaomi will enter the Indian markets,soon. Barra in an interview with CNET also unveiled that the company will be selling the handset at a very attractive price in India.

There are few Chinese brands that have entered the Indian markets with aggressive price tag. Probably Xiaomi A.K.A China’s Apple may create tough competition as compared with other Chinese brands as well as Indian brands.

Oppo and Gionee are two brands that have managed to grab attention. Oppo is more of a premium brand but they will also be launching some budget friendly handsets. Gionee’s pricing is good but not easily available.

Hopefully with Xiaomi’s entry the customers would benefit a lot. The company is looking for partners and association with telecom operators. Initially they  (Xiaomi) will sell the handset on their own (online) and pricing will definitely be very competitive.

Tip: Kunal Choudhary.

By Rajeev Rana

Founder and Chief Editor - gogi.in