Micromax launched the Canvas Infinity and I have done the review of the same. Now here is a comparison between  the Canvas Infinity and the Redmi 4. Both are good handsets and comes with a good price tag.

The Micromax Canvas Infinity was launched recently but the first sale will begin from 1st September 2017. Redmi 4 has already been launched and doing really well. When I went live with the Canvas Infinity review, users have started asking which is better among Redmi 4 and Micromax Canvas Infinity.

I am just going to highlight things that matter and ignore things that will not make much of a difference, so as to keep this comparison article short and to the point.

Redmi 4 Vs Micromax Canvas Infinity

Display / Design : Each one has their own choice, but the Micromax Canvas Infinity does look a lot better – kind of Galaxy S8 style, plus it has a wider screen. Redmi 4 screen is 5 inches with 720p resolution and with 2.5D curved glass. Infinity comes with a bigger 5.7 inch screen with 1440 x 720 pixels resolution (18:9 aspect ratio) with 2.5D curved glass.

Sensors: Redmi 4 and Canvas Infinity are packed with most sensor however Redmi 4 comes with extra – Gyro and IR sensor that is missing on Infinity.

Redmi 4 vs micromax Canvas Infinity comparison

Camera : The resolution is slightly different and for both the handsets I had given above average rating for the camera quality, however selfie on the Canvas Infinity is much better as it supports Bokeh effects.

Hardware : The Redmi 4 houses the Snapdragon 435 octa core chipset and the Micromax Canvas Infinity houses the Snapdragon 425 quad core chipset. Battery temp is under control and performance of Redmi 4 is better when it comes to gaming, when compared with Infinity. For normal usage there is hardly any difference.

Antutu Score : Redmi 4 : 43083 and Infinity : 36768

Battery : Redmi 4 comes with 4100 mAh non-removable battery that gives 6 to 10 hours non-stop usage and the Canvas Infinity comes with 2900 mAh that gives 5 to 8 hours non-stop usage. Battery life is better on Redmi 4 but on both handsets you will get over 1 day of battery life.

Now based on these differences you can decide which one to buy, based on your usage. If you are a gaming user then Redmi 4 is a better option and if you are a normal user then you go by the looks / features that you are looking for.

Published by Gogi Rana

Founder and Chief Editor - gogi.in

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  1. Redmi 4 is Rs.7000 but MMX INFIN is Rs.10000/- how can we compare 7000 rupees set with 10000 rupees set? Compare Redmi Note 4 with MMX INFIN.- that is correct.

    1. 16MP front, 13MP back camera
      3GB / 32GB, not hybrid sim slots i.e. dual SIM with separate Micro SD support. In some rest area Redmi 4 wins.

    2. Redmi 2GB RAM is 7K and 3GB RAM is 9K when compared to it I would prefer Canvas for 19K with Infinity display. Secondly I would ignore the IR sensor coz I don’t think we often used it ???

      Also support Vivek Kankhara… I too bought REDMI 10 days prior to Canvas infinity launch… Else would have gone for Infinity ??

      1. Yes, Elan, I also never used IR sensor, never needed…I also was decided to buy the Redmi 4 2GB/16GB variant and tried to get in flash sales from Amazon and Mi.com, but Black color was not available anywhere with 2GB variant, so just to buy black color, I hardly extended my budget for 9k, I regret very much now…I liked the black color, but I feel its a bit more pricey..I should not spend that much..

  2. I have brought Redmi 4 3GB/32GB black, 15 days before, otherwise I would have definitely gone for MMX canvas Inifinity…
    I am not a gaming user, I don’t multitask much apps,
    I want good display, good sound and okay camera and okay build quality..

    I am using MMX canvas 2 plus A110Q since 2013, now it is my second phone at home,it is working very good..
    I also have Redmi 3s prime 3GB/32GB at my office,since spe 2016,
    I had bought a Redmi 1s in oct 2014, and used it till Mar 2016, then it got dead, bootloader corrupt, then motherboard fault..
    I also brought Oppo Neo5 in Mar 2016 and used it till Jun 2017, then it became reboot loop, due to water damage as I used it everyday in GYM,so sweat gone inside..,

      1. Comparatively poorest battery life was Redmi 1s, Okay with MMX, while the Redmi 4 offers good battery life, last atleast 2-3 day with wifi always-on, I don’t use any Jio Sim, Oppo also had good battery life with good camera but rear loudpspeaker was very poor, not audible even at indoors…

  3. One important point Gogi bro which you have missed is separate memory card slot. Whenever Xiaomi launches new mobile everyone cursing hybrid sim slots and wish that if there would have be a separate memory slot, but now MMX has provided that but no one takes much notice of it.

    1. There are certain things like the separate SD card slot, it should be left to user. Some may want it some may not, it is based on users usage criteria.

  4. I think we should not always just think about getting some more features every time we buy a phone but sometimes we have to let go some features for our Indian companies to make our country more powerful and for more job creation in India

  5. Redmi 4 कम से कम 2017 तक तो No 1 रहेगा ही अपने Price के हिसाब से

    1. Yes but this was close enough had Infinity used the same chipset as Redmi 4 then, it would have been trouble for Redmi 4.

      1. Only processor isnt matter. Xiaomi has better Hardware and very good Circuit board quality and its giving time to time software/security patches. 3 yr old redmi 1s still getting security patches. Will Micromax give all of this?

        1. I was also going to talk the same. Mmx , lava , karbon, LYF the os is very much buggy . NO UPDATES. Touch response is bad.

          1. I am getting system updates on LYF Water F1S. Got 2 system update since i bought it 4 months back. Working much smoother now. Had MMX phone for 3 years, not a single system update or OS update came.

    1. No Possible. Only Sharp, Samsung and LG has display production plants. Making a new plant is easily an over $1 Billion investment. Not feasible for 1 company for use in its own mobiles.

  6. A very prompt comparison gogi bro. I tHink it’s about time our people give micromax a chance over xiaomi . Atleast under 10k atleast. Personally would have loved amoled screen on infinity