After a very long time Micromax launched a handset that seems worth buying, the Micromax Canvas Infinity with wide screen, quad core powered, 16MP front, 13MP back camera and more. But the good part is the price that makes it more tempting, so how good is this handset, read the review to know more.

With the launch of Micromax Canvas Infinity, the company is back in the mobile race. The price is good, features are good and in general the screen / build have already created a lot of interest and this review will help you know the actual performance in real world.

This is Snapdragon 425 quad core powered, not that powerful when it comes to gaming but for normal operations this is good enough. The main highlight of Infinity is the 5.7 inch screen, that does not look like as per the size and the 18:9 aspect ratio completely separates it when compared with other handsets.

Micromax Canvas Infinity Box

The Canvas Infinity is impressive in all areas, except when it comes to high end gaming.

Micromax Canvas Infinity review

Micromax Canvas Infinity features, specifications

Inside the box (unboxing the Micromax Canvas Infinity) :  Handset, data cable (USB to micro USB), travel charger 5V/1.5A, user guide, warranty card, silicon case, standard quality earphone and a screen guard
SAR Value : 0.29 W/kg @ 1g head and 0.60 W/kg @1g body
Body : Build and finishing is very good, weight is 160 grams, back panel can be removed and its made of metal. Even with a bigger screen size the handset is comfortable to hold and use
SIM Type : Micro SIM + Micro SIM + Micro SD card slot
Weight and Dimensions : 160g, 8.1mm, length – 151.52mm, width – 73.16mm
Screen  :  5.7 inches, 1440 x 720 pixels resolution, viewing angles, touch response and color reproduction are very good. Cast Screen is supported
Connectivity :  4G, VoLTE (work on both SIM Slot), WiFi, GPS and Bluetooth
Sensors : Accelerometer, Proximity, light and magnetic sensors – Gyro sensor is missing (no VR support)
LED Notification : Yes
OTG : Yes supported
RAM : 3GB (about 1.3GB free on first boot)
ROM : 32GB (about 21GB free on first boot)
Micro SD : Yes 128GB MAX
OS : Android Nougat 7.1.2 will get Android Oreo update

Micromax Canvas Infinity with 5.7 inch 2.5D screen with 1440 x 720p resolution

Micromax Canvas Infinity Performance

CPU :  Qualcomm Snapdragon 425 Quad Core 1.4 GHz
GPU :  Adreno 308 GPU
Heating : Medium
Max Battery Temperature : 38 degrees

Performance is good, but when running heavy apps / playing high end games the handset lags. For general usage it is smooth. Handset does not heat up much.

Micromax Canvas Infinity back metal panel

Micromax Canvas Infinity  Benchmark

Quadrant : 11101
Antutu :
36768 / 2563
NenaMark3 :  59.4fps
Multi Touch : 5 points
Disk Speed :  180 MB/s read  and 146 MB/s write

Micromax Canvas Infinity design


Micromax Canvas Infinity  Gaming Review

Not really good for hard core gaming users. I played Modern Combat 5 game and that clearly lagged. The next game Asphalt 8 was playable in High quality mode but not that smooth, you will get better experience is medium quality mode.

Micromax Canvas Infinity  Camera  Review

Rear Camera : 13MP, auto focus, flash, f/2.0
Front Camera : 16MP, f/2.0, front flash
Video Recording : 1080p (FHD) resolution

The camera on the Micromax Canvas Infinity is above average, selfie shots are amazing, especially when  using the portrait mode. This portrait mode works for front camera as well as for rear camera. It provides real time bokeh effects, however for this to work you need a face / faces it does not work on object. Check the video review to know more.

Micromax Canvas Infinity 13MP camera Micromax Canvas Infinity build and finishing

There is a new feature called camera roll that shows the recently shot images in the camera app itself, check image below and video to know more.

Micromax Canvas Infinity Camera Roll feature

Rear camera can shoot FHD videos and the quality is pretty good. Night shots turned out really good in HDR and Night mode.

Camera Rating : 4 out of 5

Micromax Canvas Infinity Camera Samples

Micromax canvas infinity camera sample leaves Micromax canvas infinity camera sample hydrant Micromax canvas infinity camera sample branch Micromax canvas infinity camera sample outdoor2 Micromax canvas infinity camera sample outdoor Micromax canvas infinity camera sample long shot Micromax canvas infinity camera sample night auto Micromax canvas infinity camera sample night HDR Micromax canvas infinity camera sample rear camera portrait Micromax canvas infinity camera sample selfie portrait Micromax canvas infinity camera sample selfie normal mode Micromax canvas infinity camera sample selfie portrait

Download Original Image files (right click and save) (do not use it for commercial purpose, without permission of

Other features

Finger print sensor on the back is pretty fast and accurate. Sound is loud and clear. No issues with Networks.

Micromax Canvas Infinity  Battery Review

Battery capacity : 2900mAh (removable)
Charging Time : Charge – 2 hours 30 minutes using the charger provided
Battery Life : 5 to 8 hours non-stop (moderate to heavy)
Daily usage battery life : One to One and a Half days of mixed usage

Battery Test Results

Battery Temp at idle : 33 degrees
Running Benchmark app :
 16 minutes / 3% / 33 degrees
Mc5 + Asphalt 8  game play : 34 minutes / 11% / 38 degrees
FHD video playback with full brightness (WiFi /4G on) :  18 minutes / 5% / 34 degrees

Micromax Canvas Infinity battery


Micromax made a very good comeback by launching the Micromax Canvas Infinity handset, this is really a good looking unique handset that gives a premium feel. Display is unique and front camera does an impressive job. Since this is quad core, high end games will lag. Not really for hardcore gaming users but for normal users this is a very good option.

Micromax is offering 24 hours service promise – repair or replace. Price is also very good at Rs. 9,999.

Rating : 4.2 out of 5

Micromax Canvas Infinity  price in India is Rs. 9,999 sale begins on Amazon from 1st September – registration required.

Published by Gogi Rana

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  1. Hi I’m using the same set but I have a problem in saving contacts bcoz I had disabled all that it want while saving a new contact plz tell how can I solve this

  2. Hi Gogi,

    I am seriously planning to buy this as this is now also available at local stores as well. But my only concern is the 2900 mAh battery which seems to be inadequate for the 5.7 inch screen. But lot also depends on the software optimisation as well.
    Presently I am using Redmi 4 and with around 50 calls, data on always, rare WiFi usage, I am getting excellent back up with exactly one day. (100% at 8 am and around 35% at 7 pm while coming back home)
    So Gogi Bhai, if you have used this handset for a few days can you please tell me if I can get this battery for at least 9 am to 7 pm?
    If you give the green signal, I will go for it.

  3. helo gogi sir micromax canvas infinity ki thickness kiti ha kyo ki mujha jyada mota phone nahi cahiya

  4. How to turn on notification light for missed Call in Micromax infinity plz reply me,when I missed a call notification is not show on my phone

  5. Gogi sir, one of the pics, where you have pin pointed freshly cut branch of a tree. Bookeh effect seems to be in action, and that too without any human face there in photo? You mentioned face is required for portrait mode to work, correct me if wrong?

    1. Camera might have mistook that for face. All faces not white or wheat colored some can be really dark so software developer might have considered that…

  6. Positive Review gogi bhai .
    Sale 31 ki night me 12 bajte hi start hogi ya 1 ko morning baad ? aur kitne units available hain sale me ?

  7. Hi Gogi,
    Thanks for the review. Are they still pushing ads or is there automatic installation of some software. This used to happen insome Micromax phones of 2015.

    1. There is one app called app centre that has a list of apps, now this app you cannot remove / disable, I guess this will show you notifications to install those apps. So far I have not seen any ads. There is one more thing most users use UCBrower once they do that, they will start seeing ads via UCBrowser.

      1. That is what I was talking about. The recommended apps can get very annoying.
        Is there an option to block notifications from that app alone ?
        If no, then this alone is a deal breaker ?

        1. There is option to disable data usage for this app when not using WiFi. That way when using SIM data the app is kind of disabled.

      1. Thanks Gogi, is wifi direct same as wireless display? Is it possible to do screen mirroring using anycast Dongle?

    1. Yes it has cast option, edit notification toggle and you can add cast option there…
      So, wireless display option is there

  8. I think the Bokeh effect is not good with the Secondary Camera.

    Looking at the sample images, areas around your image are clear and the bokeh effect starts a bit further. Looks artificial and not nice.

    1. 9999/- I think this one is the best camera phone compared to others.
      For 9999/- oppo/vivo are selling some under specsed phones. No one have any complaints for that.
      As per the review I came to know that it’s great for the price. Even though people are in search for any loop hole to criticize.

      1. Its not great for the price if its camera is not good.

        U cannot live with display when processor, battery, camera are all downsized.

  9. Hello Gogi, there’s a superpixel mode in the camera app of this phone which takes several pictures and merges them all to create a better picture.. Can you post some samples using Superpixel mode please, if you still have the phone?
    Also I think this would be a nice phone if the SoC is Snapdragon 625/630/660 with 4000 mAh plus battery.

  10. At the price of under 10,000, i think it is a good smartphone. Not perfect but still a good one. The only thing i didn’t like is the 2900 mah battery. Its a bit low capacity in compare of other smartphones at the same price range.

  11. Whatever below 10k Infinity Display, Cool Cameras , removable back & Battery & Dual Sim + Expandable SD card slot, Earphone, Silicon case Upcoming Android Update O….its the best…Ab kya bachche ki jaan loge….Thank You Gogi aap perfect guidance dete. Baaki jisko jo feature chahiye vo phone le

    1. Thank You Gogi aap perfect guidance dete ho vah bhi kai saal se, do maah se youtuber dekh raha hu all r big SORRY.
      I have purchased LG Q6, My 6th smartphone starting Samsung-young, MMX-a89, MMX-TURBO, ASUS-5 ASUS-2 now LG. Each phone with your guidance.
      Thanks again 🙂

        1. Display awesome, touch “MAKHHAN”, selfie so… so… asphalt 8 in high mode no lag found… battery charging take almost 2hrs & with JIO-4G, idea normal one day sufficient ….
          volume rocker heat slightly when used more than 1-2 hrs…face recognization pretty fast…I wonder why public required FPS eagerly
          overall Best

  12. Dear Gogi

    Hope you are doing good. Would appreciate your quick response if possible

    Basis your usage, which phone has better camera Infinix Note 4 or Micromax Infinity for night / low light photography. Please reply

    1. No there is none, better use a screen guard, but anyway all handsets launched today have some minimal protection from scratches.

  13. This phone will set new benchmark for competitors to bring infinity display under 10K.

    Now we can see more options from other manufacturers to bring these type of phones in future.

    This design really saves lot of space because thick bezels really use lot of dimensions.

    Hope Xiaomi is going to bring similar phone under similar price.

  14. I am very eager on dimension, but it is almost near to 5.5. inch phone except 1.5mm excess width (if compared with OP5 dimension)..Almost 0.25 inch display goes for navigation.. then thos mobile also an 5.5 inch mobile almost.. I don’t think it has screen body ration at 83%, hardly it wl be 77% at maximum extent… disappointed..

    1. Yeah but while watching videos u wont have any nav buttons and yeah not to mention that it looks damn cool

  15. Gogi,is 279 pixel density sufficient for 5.7″ screen.Redmi note 4 has more then 400 pixel density for 5.5″ screen.

  16. Gogi Sir,
    Is Micromax canvas infinity better than infinix note 4 Or Infinix note 4 is better than Micromax canvas infinity?
    Which is best?

    1. Infinix Note 4 is better but i suggest you do not buy infinix or micromax. You can go Xiaomi or Lenovo.

  17. Dear Gogi

    Hope you are doing good. Would appreciate your quick response if possible

    Basis your usage, which phone has better camera Infinix Note 4 or Micromax Infinity

  18. 1.3 GB free for first boot is not good indication. The phone will slow down when you have number of applications. This is not good option.

    Sometimes, I amaze when I see 2gb ram phone like redmi 3S slow down after using couple of months of apps due to free RAM of 500-550mb space

    1. Same is the case with me, completely agree with you on this. My Redmi 3s lags with 400~500 mb free Ram and I don’t know the reason. Frustrates me like hell. Wont buy Redmi again.

      1. That’s the main disadvantage of Redmi phones, after using it for 2 months it will lag like hell, no matter what you do like factory reset, uninstall apps etc.. nothing works. Ram management is the worst in miui os because it is heavily skinned.

      1. Dumb answer.. Dere is no need fr a handset to be 4k resolution to play 4k videos. My phone records n plays 4k videos being a 720p phone.

    1. Believe it Bro coz even my Asus Zenfone 3 with 2650 mAh battery and Full HD screen (screen size 5,2″) gives me 1.5 days backup. So it depends how you uses it. I have Jio 4g always on.

  19. Gogi sir, Where does it stand in your list of best camera phone and best android phone under 10 k?

  20. This time Micromax has ticked almost all the right boxes to bring it’s better VFM device. But for a balanced performance, SD 430/435 would have made this a perfect buy in the 10k range.

  21. According to me LG Q6(@13.5K with deal price was available on Amazon ) is much better than this much hyped Infinity. @3.5K paying extra ur getting Full HD display, Octa core processer, Brand like LG, Better battery optimisation,Premium look resale value & durability.
    On Gogi sir’s advice I bought for one of my friend. Really unbelievable handset @13.5K. I think one should go for Q6 extending little budget.

    1. What about fingerprint sensor & secondary camera.? the back side looks pathetic. just 5mp secondary camera & no FP sensor..

      Did u say resale value.? which phone gives a resale value after 6-12 months usage below 15k.?

      1. So you are comparing Micromax with LG bro??? Good joke but let me clear LG is far superior in every deptt … Yes finger print is missing and back cover is not metallic but it doesn’t look bad at all… Also there is face unlock-lock feature in LG Q6. Micromax is good at Rs.9999/- but no comparison with LG Q6.

      2. Perhaps u haven’t seen LG Q6,making big joke saying back side pathetic. Although no FP but having face recocgnition.And about resale value LG will give atlest few bucks after a year whereas infinity would not be in list even for exchange . Go for infinity if u want secondary camera.

  22. Thanks gogi bro . Now that you have given a go ahead so many users will find it easy to buy this handset. Plz clarify a query. While watching youtube or playing games does this screen ratio cause any discomfort. I read somewhere that separate apps for gaming have to be realigned for this screen ratio . Thanks

    1. Games play full screen check video review, may be some games may not but YouTube does not play full screen you get it cut off on left / right so YouTube does not use full screen 18:9.

  23. Micromax always sucks in battery.
    Quad core at 10k not accepted easily.
    Atleast they can put sd430 octa core in it.

    1. Wow what an insider story.. please do not buy, get yourself an Q6..or Vivo Y69…. period, do not visit updates where MMX is there, your image will be tarnished, be in the forums of Oppo / Vivo / Gionee / Sony / LG etc will give you a great boost..

  24. quad core with 2900mah battery Will be headache For sure after 6 months, MMX is back with made in China product, at least assembled it in India like xiaomi.

    1. Chahe kitne hi achhe phon kyun naa nikale koi tum log kamiya nikalana kbhi nhi chhodoge…Me ek tym. pe karbonn ka a30 model use krta tha jo evn aaj bhi bina koi dikkt ke chlta he…ek baar bhi service center ya repair ke liye nhi gya me…so plz. Hr baar tumhre xiaomi ki pipudi bajana band kro…had he yaar …jb dekho tba chahe kitna bhi achha Mobile kyun naa ho redmi se compare krke uski burai kar ke hi chhodnge. tum log kbhi nhi sudhroge.. Redmi ke Brand ambassador ban ke beth gaye he..

      1. Patriotism humare andar bhi hai mere bhai but bakwaas ke liye nhi ₹8000 rakho na price, most welcome, waise bhi kuch dino baad hone hi wala hai.

    2. Have you heard of LG V20 it has QHD Display with 3200 Mah BAttery, Many FHD phones with octacore are operating with 3000 Mah Battery

      Infocus M680 with FHD has 2600 Mah Battery, it runs easily for a day with above average usage.If you find 2900 as under powered you better don’t buy.

      If you want the real made in India product (that too 70 to 80% parts made in India) you will have to wait for at least 5 to 7 years. I am not refering to the simple assembling of chinese parts in India as made in India.

      An Indian Brand which is trying to evolve out the mess created by Chinese, people like you will have a problem. beleive me even if MMX launches a OP5 or Honor 8 pro like handset. you still be having a problem…….

      1. People definitely will have problems if it shows advertisements or installs apps without permission, which has been the case in the past.

      2. You can’t compare LG, SAMSUNG & MOTO battery with mmx at least, on the paper every thing looks fine but ground reality is totally different from what they have. Vivo and oppo are offline king only so ignore it.

        1. Hi Rahul and Pradeep are you guys trying to say that gogi g s battery review is false?
          He clearly mentioned in the review that this phones 2900mah battery will easily last more than a day with mixed usage. Then why
          You guys still having problem with the battery mah ?
          Also this is not for hardcore gamers.
          For normal day to day usage and photography this one would be a steel for the price.

  25. Thanks for the review. Does it have wireless display? Its an important feature for me as I use screen mirroring to watch movies on tv

  26. Removable back cover ! How is the finger print senson working..there must be extra connection arranged to make it will that affect in long run with number of times back panel removal? Yet to see vedio review.

  27. Thanks for crisp review …

    What is the length and width of the device. Please mention Gogi ji…

  28. Great to knw mmx is back , was waiting for your review gogibro. Thks for it………..