Micromax today launched the Micromax Infinity smartphone that comes with 18:9 aspect ratio, with 5.7 inch screen size with 1440 x 720 pixels resolution. And at a tempting price of Rs. 9,999. 

The Micromax Infinity is powered by Snapdragon 425 quad core processor, and comes with an aggressive price tag of Rs. 9,999.

There is 3GB RAM and 32GB, this will be Amazon exclusive and sale begins on 1st September.

Micromax Infinity launched in India

Handset supports split screen, better multi tasking cause of bigger wider screen. There is 16 MP camera on the front, with preview on the go feature. Rear camera is 13MP shooter.

Micromax Infinity runs on Android Nougat and it will get Android O update. Battery is 2900 mAh.

Micromax infinity launched

This handset comes with 24 hours service promise, repair or replace.

Micromax Infinity Specifications

CPU : Snapdragon 425 quad core, with Adreno 308 GPU
OS : Android Nougat
Screen : 5.7 inches with 1440 x 720p resolution, 18:9 aspect ratio
ROM : 32GB
Rear Camera : 13MP
Front Camera : 16MP
Security : Finger Print Sensor
SIM Type : Dual SIM slots + separate micro SD card slot (max 128GB)
Connectivity : 4G VoLTE, WiFi, GPS and Bluetooth
Battery : 2900 mAh (removable)

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    1. Nothing is similar…. people just want to find the OEM for this and hesitate in appreciating the product.. come on give up the quest and………..

  1. Are you guys deceived with 9.999/- Come on. Ugliest phone with mediocre spec. When Lg q6 there with good screen and resolution with best processor than this one. Not much surprise. Disappointment for the hype.

    1. But for grabbing Lg q6 one has to spend 5000 more . I don’t think that 5000 is a small amount for many .

  2. Support indian company although its made in china but atlast the money we pay wil remain in india only as owner is indian. Micromax rebrands and doesn’t do research, its ok, there are loads of phones around the globe whose name you didn’t even heard of. Atleast micromax is bringing something good at affordable price. Sd425 is ok but 3 gb ram is there to help it. 16 mp selfie flash cam. Nobody provides it below 16 k. 18:9 ratio is something unique. The phone looks beautiful. May be not the best but good enough to relaunch the almost dead micromax company.

    1. oh really?
      xiaomi is Chinese company who is ready to setup 2 assembly plants in India employing more than 10k INDIAN people ( not Chinese) and these so called Indian companies buy(literally buy, no r&d, just stick indian company logo, hope inifinity is an exception) the entire phone from China and take profit only.
      So you are telling to support and give money to that indian (the owner). Great logic.
      If they were really good, they would have designed and developed (atleast assembled) in India and we would have bought that even if it was priced higher.

      1. Nowhere i have mentioned about xiaomi. Xiaomi is already giving phones at affordable rates. The comment was related to overpriced oppo and vivo who are literally looting us.

        1. yes, so that means its not about the country. its how the companies behave and work. Just because the company is in India, we shouldn’t be supporting unless they do something good.
          🙂 BTW I hate oppo and vivo but they got their marketing strategies very successful in India.

          1. Oppo air Vivo ka sale 40 % less ho gaya Xiaomi ke offline market me aane se. Bhaion Micromax bhi achhe budget phone sale karti hai YU Brand me naam se. Aajkal sabhi Xiaomi Ki baat karte ho par Flipkart pe jakar check karo Yureka Black bhi khoob bik raha hai. Kai dino se lagataar Out of Stock as raha hai. Iski rating 4.0 hai Jo badiya hai. Keemat surf 8999 hai. Oppo Vivo Samsung Nokia se lakh guns badiya hai. Yunique 2 bhi badiya hai. Agar Yunique 2 me Snapdragon 425 diya hota to yeh Redmi4a ko kadi takkar deta. Still iski rating 3.8 hai Jo Ki achhi hai.

  3. Are they still pushing ads on their phones. If yes it’s sad and will be a deal breaker for me. It spoiler the experience of a canvas nitro back in 2015. I then moved to a custom ROM and still use it.

    1. No they don’t, currently using Dual 5 I haven’t got a single ad from MMX update app.

      Also with Nougat 7.1.2 you can disable the notifications of specific apps

  4. Decent Specs. I think battery would be a minus for such a big display. (2900 seems not to be enough)

    But I dont think this will beat Redmi series any where..

    1. Plus would be removable battery and additional sd card slot still keeping two sims (which I always like,which i feel Redmi lacks additional sd card slot).. Waiting to our expert Gogi Ji’s review…:)

  5. Good to see SD 425 in place of crappy mediatek. battery is still low and wish they packed in a decent camera…otherwise it will a phone with 18:9 screen and nothing else to talk about.

  6. Guys, considering specs.we have to agree in battery department Micromax has missed the bus. Now a days most of the companies are coming with min.4000 MAH & above battery phones. In recent deals I bought Lenovo P2 just because battery less than 3000MAH is not enough for a day with mixed usage. If Micromax would have given 5000MAH Battery it might have become game changer. Let’s see how camera performs, if it is excellent , that might save Micromax.

    1. Jitni jayada mah ki battery utna he blast hone k chances. 3000 mah is enough, u can buy power bank for extra juice

  7. Just wondering, why they have given the name infinity to this model? this device is not having edge to edge display.

  8. After all it is an Indian Brand…we should promote this one…nice specifications too…sir it has Fingerprint sesnsor too…what about the Gorilla Glass..under 10k it can be a good option.

    1. Dhawal you echo my feelings, We should support Micromax, that too when it is such a good product….. In my opinion the only drawback is battery rest all is as expected…. Evok Dual too is a good product….. Cheers Micromax.

  9. Everything was good. 18:9 aspect ratio and 16mp selfie camera were key features. If still someone complains battery is low, rear camera is low, only hd, they better go for samsung galaxy s8 for 57k.

  10. You cannot play games because of the processor, you cannot watch videos because of the battery, you cannot do web surfing because of the less resolution and you cannot flaunt it because of the colour.

    1. So basically all oppo and vivo phones costing nearly 1.5 times than this are just used to make phone calls.

      1. I think ignorant people buy those phones from offline stores to take selfies and share on Facebook.

      1. But still now offline sales account for 70% of total smartphone sales in India and that will never change.

    2. Bhai ye underwear nahi dat u cant flaunt,ye love nahi dat u cant play games 😛 sorry for off topic but buddy for this price i think this is really good.

    3. You cannot go for this product because of your negativity…… keep it with you and do not go for it… people will not get influenced with your feedback…

      Oppo F3, Vivo V5, Sony XA1 and XA Ultra are the one that will be great products as per many individuals with the similar feeling like you.

  11. Who/what is the OEM for this mobile?
    Anyone knows the original brand name for this model?!

  12. The cheapest phone having 16 mp front cam with flash, 18:9 ratio. On a phone screen you can’t differntiate between hd and full hd. Those who are saying battery is less, xiaomi redmi note 5a, oppo and vivo all come with 3000 mah battery only. Atleast there is something unique in this

    1. It is having removable battery. Screen guard, headphones and silicon case are complimentary.

    2. Yes, and there’s​ dedicated sd card slot too. Some of the unboxing videos are already up on you tube. The phone is looking beautiful. Al depends on now camera quality and performance. Waiting for gogi’s review.

    1. I have got review unit, looks impressive. Will get review done much before sales date.

      1. Will be eagerly waiting for your review, i know u will Provide battery info but looks like that might be a showstopper for this phone to get success as most of the people watches videos on phone now a days.

  13. Service guarantee of micromax is a big joke.
    Battery is down side, otherwise good phone.

    1. Agree with your battery comment, Past performance is not an indicator of future performance, so please do not ridicule Micromax like this… its is giving tough competition to many…… and its our own Indian MMX.

  14. Good mobile with a downside is 2900 mah battery it should be at least of 4000 considering bigger 5.7 battery…. Sd 425 is acceptable considering price but also missing finger print…. A good attempt by micromax not great.. ?

  15. Nice mobile but it is way behind in term of hardware. Like processor,battery ram etc. Most of mobile in mid range is coming with good hardware.

  16. Only thing to lookout is camera quality and fast charging capability coz battery is just 2900. Gogi bro, are u going to review this?

      1. Sir Plz do mention the actual dimensions and weight of the phone as well..Micromax dont provide dimensions and screen to body ratio

  17. The only drawback id the battery But the phone looks powerful on papers. Good move by micromax.

  18. Battery is 2900 mAh for a 5.7 inch FHD display???

    Where were you MMX when you decided 2900 mah battery for FHD??? This spoiled the show

    1. Bro its not FHD its just HD know the difference then complain and no one needs ur opinion

  19. Good initiative but battery is the most important part…
    Hope they Launch a Plus version with 4000 mah battery
    Snapdragon 625 ,6 inch screen and Fast charging ,May be a dual camera
    at the back. I will take it even at 13999.

    1. Exactly my thought. It would have been a killer phone if they would have used better processor and battery with fast charging at some extra cost. But still a good move.

      1. They can’t, they don’t design or manufacture phones, they had to standout so rebranded this model and named it micromax infinity.

        1. You are correct, but there is no shame in selling rebranded products as long as it is the right product at the right price (which MMX has been failing to do for a very long time). There are tons of brands available in the international market, which i wish we could get our hands on, doesn’t matter if those are sold here as rebranded, but should be offered at a reasonable price.

    2. Itna sab chahiye toh baba samsung lena padega teko 50k mai sab aa jata ,????? lmao want big big feature and wanna pay just little penny

    1. NO, HATERS are already having a ball looking at the pathetic Battery power….I mean for a 5.7 inch display this is like half a day of usage…..