Vivo has sent out invites for their next smartphone launch, it will be called the Vivo V7+ and the launch date is on 7th September 2017. This will be another handset in V series and specially made for Selfie lovers.

Whether you like Vivo or not, their camera quality is just great, ask any Vivo user and they will tell you. The Vivo V7+ invite tagline is Get ready to capture shots, clear moment. A image was also included that clearly shows how the phone will look like.

If you look at the image below, the phone (presumably the same) is bezel less and there is hardly any space on top and bottom, most of the area is taken up by the screen. Now this also makes one think if this Vivo V7+ will come with finger print sensor under the screen?

Vivo V7+will be launched in India on 7th September

If you may recall at CES Shanghai 2017, Vivo / Qualcomm had unveiled a new finger print technology that makes use of ultrasonic technology and it can be placed under screen and under metal. Which means there is no need to have a dedicated button on front, sensor can be put below the screen and on the back they can use the technology anywhere without having to cut a area to place the sensor (like on almost all phones today using back FP sensor).

This handset might probably come with dual cameras on the front as seen on the Vivo V5 plus. Price will be on higher side but let’s wait and see what the Vivo V7+ will be packed with.