Micromax launched the Canvas Infinity handset in India, and this time they got it right in terms of specs, features and most importantly the price. Here is the Micromax Canvas Infinity unboxing and first impression.

The best thing about this handset is that the specifications are not just mentioned but they are mentioned in details – on the box. So most of the important things that you want to know regarding the specifications, is there on the box. The sensor, dual SIM + separate Micro SD support are also mentioned on box.

Inside the box you will get the handset, battery of 2900 mAh, data cable, travel charger 5V/1.5A, screen guard, silicon case for protection and earphone of standard quality. The SAR value is mentioned on the box pack – 0.29 W/kg @ 1g head and 0.60 W/kg @1g body.

Micromax Canvas Infinity-unboxing, first impression

Micromax Canvas Infinity – Impressive Impression

The handset is impressive, it has a got a unique look, especially the screen. With a 5.7 inch display, 2.5D curved glass and 1440 x 720 pixels, this screen is stretched and gives a unique look and feel. When you use it, it feels a lot more premium.

The screen is not only extended but also slightly curved on the 4 corners.  Overall once you open the box and start using the handset you will be happy with the choice you made. The front camera supports real time bokeh effects, I have tested it and it’s awesome.

So far so good, and wait for the full review,  anyway the sale begins from 1st September, plenty of time. The Micromax Canvas Infinity review will be up on 28th August 2017 (Monday).

Published by Gogi Rana

Founder and Chief Editor - gogi.in

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  1. sir Maine Micromax infinity smartphone liya Hai lekin …phone niche gir gya Jo uper kh…display nhi tutti ….uper ka glass tuta h Jo 2.5 d h Jo pehlay ka …
    Kya uper ka glass change ho jayega Jo 2.5 D h ….

    1. Let me explain what is Pixel density in common language. In some marriage functions you might have seen some big screen (like TV, but it’s not actually TV). If you ever seen that big screen very closely it’s made up of small small LED lights which changes colours according to the video or picture coming on screen. In that big screen if 279 led lights are arranged per one square inch then it’s called 279 pixels per inch. So more the led lights (pixels) per square inch more the higher quality. So usually HD screen are lesser pixel, Full HD screen are more pixel, QHD screen are higher pixels and 4K screen are very high pixels. You might have observed in that marriage big screen, if you stand far and see you can clearly see the video, but if you come very close to that screen video will not be very clear as you will be seeing only small small LED lights changing colour. If that same big screen made up of 2000 LED lights per one square inch, that time even if you stand very close to that when you can see the video clearly. Same policy applies to mobile screen when you see video on mobile and through VR headset (it’s like seeing big screen from very close). So usually if you use VR headset to see videos in mobile it should be QHD screen which are made of 550 pixels per inch. I have tried my best to explain you what is Pixel density. Hope you got it

  2. Dear Gogi

    Please review the audio output vide speakers and Headphones as well,

  3. Guys, at present which co. manufactures in India? Tell me 1. Its abt assembling only, many fones of mmx get assembld here.

    1. FYI its pure Chinese mobile, mmx just stick logo on that.main manufacturing company is chinese too.

      1. Micromax just got the unit assembled there just like other companies do, if they just stick the Logo can you give us the original phone link?

        1. Mmx dont have their R&D unit and manufacturing plant. It means mmx made phones at homes.. Lol

  4. Just seen Micromax infinity launch event, there said it has 83% body to ration of screen and it is exactly 5.77 inch display..

  5. I am using Micromax and oppo for last two years and I experienced that micromax is the best mobile

  6. Micromax should also give 4GB + 64GB version for this phone at 10999 Rs then it will be a great buy. Also Yureka Black 4 GB + 64 GB version at Rs 9999 required.

  7. Impressively low SAR values

    That’s a good point.

    This phone is going to be the king at 9999 price point.

  8. My overall feeling is this phone is nice but should have made in screen size 5.2 inch.
    I like to use phones with small form factor and one hand operation

      1. Yea, 18.9 aspect ratio is very good and it feel compact in hand. I am using LG Q6 and it feels like I am carrying 5″phone. Very handy and comfortable beside 5.5″ screen. I love this bezelless phone. Now other phones looks ugly….

  9. I’ve too much experience of MMX. Now no more in future, only because of worst battery backup, 100% loose performance wrt specs & service is pathetic. Rest u can decide. We all are after all born free.

  10. I’m having a worst experience from Micromax Canvas phone and micromax service and i will not do same mistake again. Anyone want to buy then go ahead and all the best , best of luck from me.

    1. I had used canvas 2 for 2.5 years but never had to visit the service centre and after that i purchased redmi 3s and within 2 months the battery got swollen and the service centre guy told me it will cost 1800 rs and 1 month time to repair the phone as it is to be sent to company for repairing. I did repairing outside at service shop and he gave me phone in 1 day and it cost 800 rs only. So it doesn’t mean that all xiaomi phone are bad and micromax phone are great. Mistakes happen by every 1. Greatest example is note 7.

  11. Gogi BRO great unboxing please review LG q6 Vs MMX infinity so that user can BUY the best 18:9 MOBILE.

    1. Samsung Galaxy Note 8 has 6.3″ screen and battery is only 3300 mah at 61000/-. What do you say?

    2. I purchased the much hyped A116 Canvas HD in 2013. One experience with MMX is enough to last a lifetime. No more MMX products for me. No updates. No help from their ASCs.
      Now after 3 years of use yellow patches appeared on the screen rendering the phone useless.

  12. Dual SIM + separate Micro SD support + real time bokeh effects support + MORE

    Looks like MMX nailed it this time 😉

      1. Han, aur customer battery bhi puri choose lete hain 4-5 ghante mai chahe 5000 mAH hi kyun na ho.

  13. Lack of Gyro and dedicated navigation buttons are the short comings.
    Not sure if this supports all 4G networks

    1. Bhai 18:9 diplay phone me navigation buttons kon fit karega
      Even samsung ko bhi issi vajah se apni design change ki hai

  14. Very professional unboxing and overview by you as usual. Hope MMX will launch Canvas Infinity Pro with better specs for a few more bucks.. I hope there will be 5.7 inches AMOLED Full HD+ Resolution, Snapdragon 625/630/660/65x series processor, Fast Fingerprint Sensor, 4GB/6GB RAM with 64GB/128 GB Storage, Dual SIM with separate SD Card Slot, 4500+ mAh Removable Battery, 12 MP Dual Cameras etcs.

      1. Actually whatever he is expecting. Its coming soon within 2 months.. Price will be 15k-20k

      1. Sd 425 worked smoothly with 720p screen .
        After all not every one dont want to play Asphalt8 high quality mode in their phones .
        Most of the customers are happy with good selfie camera and screen quality and lag free overall performance .most of them just wanted to watch movies or taking photos or browsing or playing some casual games in their smartphones .

        So a processor is not the final word .

        1. Already monthly usage of Asphalt and Other high end games is decreasing with time. People are more involved in actual usage of phone like apps, camera, video shoots, regular calling an texting (via apps)

  15. Happy to see Indian phone is rocking, I would love to buy this phone Because I am Indian

      1. Most Of The Phones Are made In China Bro, Even Most Of iPhones Are Made In China. In India We Don’t Have Chip Level Manufacturing Infrastructure That The Real Reason.

        1. Shaktiman.. at least they can assemble it in India. Even Xiaomi redmi series in (made in India) you can say assembled in India

  16. If this doesn’t heat up, I’d buy it. Screen is osm at budget to flaunt and real time bokeh effects … Gogi ji u just made me happy with this news.

  17. In love with your voice and reviewing style. Awesome looking phone with very good specs.removable battery, separate sd card slot and easy availability are plus points.

  18. Gogi brother plz mention whether the mobile made in India product or made in China?

    1. According to various youtubers, its made in China.
      It really doesn’t matter because most of the phones with made in India tag are just assembled in India.