Booked JioPhone, now how to check the JioPhone Booking Status

Reliance JioPhone the effectively free 4G VoLTE feature phone pre-bookings began from 24th. Many of you might have pre-booked the handset and might have got an SMS confirmation, for those who did not get an SMS or are wondering if their booking was successful, this is how you can check your JioPhone Booking Status.

To book a JioPhone you might have used the website or app, in case you haven’t booked and planning to you can use either app or website. You need to pay Rs. 500 at the time of booking and the rest Rs. 1000 when the phone is delivered.

This phone can also be booked offline, it is rather easier to do that just visit the local authorized reliance store and get it done. Now some users got SMS confirmation that their booking was successful but many did not.

how to check the JioPhone Booking Status

How to check JioPhone Booking status

There are two ways, the first method is to call 18008908900 and then give your mobile number that you used for booking the JioPhone. After that you will get the details about your booking. The other option is to use your Jio App.

Just launch the Jio App and there you will see the manage booking option. Once you tap that it will take you to the My Vouchers options and there you will see the handset, status : Created and your pin code.

If you see that it means your JioPhone Pre-booking order was successful. The next step will be to wait, probably reliance will send the unit to the reliance store / authorized store and you will get the address from where you can pick it up, you will need to pay Rs. 1000 there at the time of pickup.

How to Cancel JioPhone Booking?

Now there is no such option to cancel the booking but if you look at the voucher of the JioPhone in your Jio App account you will see there is a option to transfer (you can see that in the image above). You can use that to transfer the voucher to another number.



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