Reliance today at 40th AGM launched the JioPhone, it is the first feature phone from Reliance that will come with VoLTE support. This is a simple phone that comes with alphanumeric keypad and a 2.4 inch screen.

The Reliance JioPhone though a feature phone has been equipped with NFC support, that is really interesting as it can be used with UPI for making payments (tap and pay method). The full details of the JioPhone has not yet been revealed, but what we know so far is it features a 2.4 inch screen with QVGA resolution.

The handset comes with audio jack, 4 way navigation, SD card slot, FM radio and Torch light. The best part is that the JioPhone is effectively free, however users will need to pay Rs. 1500 as security deposit.

The Rs. 1500 security deposit will be refunded after three years. Trails will begin from 15th August and pre-bookings for the JioPhone will begin from 24th August via Jio Retailer and you can also pre-book from Jio App. Shipping will begin from September.

Reliance JioPhone feature phone for free

Reliance JioPhone is a Made in India product and comes with Special Dhan Dhana Dhan plan of Rs. 153 per month that offers unlimited voice and data without cap and JioPhone TV Pack plan is for Rs. 309 that allows users to watch Jio TV on any TV using Jio Phone TV cable.

Do Note you will get the refund of Rs. 1,500 after 3 years, by returning the used JioPhone.

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  1. jio के आने से पहले दुसरी company कैसे लूटा करती थी याद है ना

  2. Not saying, if JioPhone is good or bad.
    If MA is a messiah or a maniac.

    But, Jiophone has an effective price of ₹0.!?
    You have to shell out ₹1500 (for SD), to get the Mobile.
    You will get the money back, when you return the phone (after 3yrs, of course).

    You are trading 1500 for Mobile, and viceversa.!

    Then how is it free.?
    Appears, all (incl. media) are doing their bit, to create hype & mislead the Public.

    1. ‘Effective’ is the keyword. So basically you’re getting your money back but you get to use the phone for 3 years basically for free.

  3. Jio Phone is powered by Snapdragon 205….

    I wish they add wifi module too

  4. फ्री में दे के अम्बानी कैसे देश को लूट सकता हे ?
    300 रुपये का 1 जीबी नेट महीने का मिलता था डर डर के चलाते थे फिर भी 15 दिनों में खत्म हो जाता था

    इस बन्दे ने 1 जीबी हर रोज दिया बिना एक पैसा लिए …

    अब एक और 4 g मोबाइल ले कर आया हे
    कॉलिंग आजीवन फ्री
    मोबाइल भी फ्री
    बस बुकिंग पर 1500 देने हे जो 3 साल में वापिस मिल जाएंगे
    इसी बीच खबर ये भी चल रही हे की रिलाईन्स का मुनाफा 28 प्रतिसत बढ़ा हे इस तिमाही पर
    कैसे भाई कैसे …
    आजो विदेशियो करो मुकाबला बन्दे से
    बाकी देश के महान लोगो को तो सब चीज फ्री में मिलने के बाद भी
    एक ही बात कहनी हे
    अम्बानी ….अडानी ने देश को लूट खाया हे …..
    मोदी ने बेच दिया देश को ….

    1. JIO hi kyun…..
      BSNL kyun nahi…. Wo to khud sarkar ki hai…
      Agar modi ye BSNL se karwat to sara profit Govt ko hi jaata na, Ambani ko nahi….

      So I think I understand why JIO? not BSNL

  5. I think JIO should have launched the phone at Rs500 upfront non-refundable. 1500 is still a entry barrier for majority of targeted customers.

  6. @Raj, I am not expecting anything free, not saying to give everything free. It’s The company which is claiming ‘0’ for phone on the big display right behind the Mukesh Ambani. What I was trying to say is that it’s not “Zero” cost phone or service. It’s all marketing gimmick. So Why should I feel ashamed ? They are targeting 50 Crore new customers & 75,000Crore Rupees from new phone ‘security depositors’ in short period of time. How can the company say it’s ‘zero’ or completely free ? It’s Just like the companies sell their shares & generate huge amount of money from a huge crowd to do business, here also company’s target is generating 75,000Crore plus in short period of time & do business with that for 3yrs & making profit from it etc. As per reports, a person who bought Reliance shares for 1000rs in 1977 is getting 16,54,503Rs today. Similarly 75,000 Crores Rupees’ value is not ‘0’ So nothing is free. The only difference is term used here is different, i.e Security deposit – not shares or selling. That’s all. Today We can buy phones from shopping sites through EMI methods as low as less than 500rs per month for 6000 plus rupees phones. When the company advertise it as ‘0’ cost phone, they could at least give it ‘free’ and introduce a data plan which secretly includes the phone price as EMI to collect the phone price monthly, for example 200 or 250 rupees data plan. So that the customers wouldn’t feel that they are paying anything for the phone while the company is secretly collecting the phone price as well, as EMI through monthly plan recharges. But here you paying 1500rs what the company call security deposit. Whatever you call it, money is money, they make sure they get 75,000crores from 50crore customers while they claim to be ‘0’ cost phone. When a 1000rs share holder gets 16 lakhs, it’s not a big thing if the company pays back the same 1500rs to some of its customers who willing to return their phone after 3yrs.

    1. Agreed, if 1500 rs invested in Ril for 3 years after bonus same money may become 1500 rs again in 3 years .and company if return 1500 rs then still 1500 rs in their depo.fools still happy with buyback 1500 rs and paying 150×12×3=5500 rs too.only loss suffering by airtel, Vodafone, idea,smart ,dicomo,bsnl.and only 1 or 2 will remain live.

      1. Why would those 1500 get invested in RIL, what about phone?? aren’t they giving phone wortth 1500 or more?? Are they getting phone for free ?? won’t they give any commission to retailers and distributors and taxes GST to govt?? RIL main income will be from usage plan of 153 not 1500 security fees

        1. This guy knows nothing about business and just knows how to do multiplication of numbers and is commenting. It took 40 years for reliance to go this high….cost of material is included in phone unlike shares….if you don’t like it then don’t buy….nobody is forcing you Mr Anil

          1. Dude, Reliance are not paying any tax to the govt from this 1500Rs.x50Cr users =75,000crores . There are made in India feature phones from 500rs onwards in India. They give tax to the govt, profit share to the retailers , provide plus 6 months warranty etc. All in 500rs. And watching videos or playing games on small screen of this high speed 4g device & that slow 2G device are same. But here when they collect over 75,000crores, they don’t pay any tax. The poor people who may buy this not going to switch to different mobiles every 3yrs as they will keep using the phone if it’s in working condition.

    2. @ Anil kerala
      This phone is not for you.
      Whats wrong with jio 1500…
      Still features phones are costing at 1500 of other companies without any offers.
      Iam not Ambani fan but…
      People like you having the” beggar Katora”
      type mindset, wanting everything free of cost.
      Would you ever thought getting 2gb data daily with 20Mbps speed with very nominal charges in entire india.
      In my village iam hardly getting these so called reputed Airtel voda idea networks,

      But eyes got wide opened getting full jio networks with 29Mbps speed.

      And my advice for you, dont ever use jio services at all. Ok

      1. Sajid, I said it’s not free as company advertised as ‘0’. I didn’t say I want everything free. I am slamming the company for saying ‘0’ as if you dont have to pay a single buck when you actually have to pay the ‘refundable’ 1500. I am only saying it not free or that is not an offer. And I am against these kinda ‘free’ culture. Because this may lead to other companies will withdraw from market & Jio monopoly. Then they will charge you whatever they want when none out there to compete. But I am all for low cost voice data services from all companies. You see I didn’t took a Jio SIM yet despite all these free free campaigns. Then you saying I want everything free when you bought Jio for 2GB free daily? I think you got that mindset.

        1. Mr Anil
          You are still not right.
          In 2002 Dhiru Bhai Ambani launched RIM cdma…
          hasn’t created any monopoly.
          But forced others to reduce the rates.
          That’s what jio is doing now.
          And succeeded in their effort.

        2. This Phone is better for Normal Peoples Like House Wives, Farmers Etc . . .
          In BSNL also We need to pay Security Deposit for Start Up.

          Keep Going Mukesh Ambani . . .

    3. They might have made it ₹1500 as they can’t produce it for free!! Then who ever wants will buy it directly or they leave it!
      Or else people can purchase a phone with 4g functionality, which is being sold for around ₹4000. This is lot better than a Jio phone, isn’t it!!!

  7. #देश_यह_कैसे_भूल_जाये_क्यों_भूल_जाये.?
    25 से 30 की आयु वाली पीढ़ी को देश मे मोबाइल युग की शुरुआत (1998 से 2002) के दौरान मोबाइल हैंडसेट बेंचने वाली तथा तथा मोबाइल दूरसंचार सेवाएं देनेवाली कम्पनियों द्वारा नागरिकों से की गई भयंकर लूटपाट की जानकारी सम्भवतः नहीं होगी।
    किन्तु उससे बड़ी पीढ़ी को याद होगा कि मोबाइल हैंडसेट बनानेवाली कम्पनियां उस दौरान आधा किलो वजन वाले आधा-पौन फुट लम्बे काले रंग के मोबाइल हैंडसेट की कीमत 20 से 40 हज़ार रू प्रति हैंडसेट वसूलती थीं।
    मोबाइल संचार सेवाएं देनेवाली कम्पनियां उस समय आउटगोइंग कॉल के लिए 14 से 16 रू प्रति मिनट के साथ ही साथ इनकमिंग कॉल के लिए भी 6 से 8 रू प्रति मिनट की कीमत वसूलती थीं।
    जरा सोचिए कि उस समय जब सोने की कीमत साढ़े चार से पांच हज़ार रू प्रति दस ग्राम थी तब उपरोक्त दरों के मायने क्या रहे होंगे।
    2002 में धीरूभाई अम्बानी के नारे “कर लो दुनिया मुट्ठी में” के साथ मोबाइल इंडस्ट्री में रिलायंस का धमाकेदार प्रवेश मोबाइल कम्पनियों की इस भयंकर लूटपाट पर कहर बनकर बरसा था। रिलायंस ने स्टिरियोफोनिक साउंड वाली रिंगटोनों से लैस लगभग 5 इंच लम्बा, 100ग्राम वजन वाला सफेद रंग का सैमसंग का दूधिया लाइट की स्क्रीन से जगमगाता CDMA हैंडसेट केवल 500 रू में देना शुरू किया था। उस समय 20-25 हज़ार रू में बिक रहे हैंडसेट भी इन सुविधाओं से लैस नहीं थे। रिलायंस के उस मोबाइल फोन की आउटगोइंग कॉल की कीमत 1 रू प्रति मिनट थी और इनकमिंग कॉल फ्री थी। फ्री इनकमिंग की यह क्रांतिकारी शुरुआत थी।
    इसका नतीजा यह हुआ था कि रिलायंस का फोन लेने के लिए देश के हर शहर में उमड़ी भीड़ कानून व्यवस्था के लिए मुसीबत बन गयी थी और लोग 20-25 हज़ार की कीमत वाले मोबाइल हैंडसेटों की सेकेंड हैंड कीमत 11-12 सौ देने को भी तैयार नहीं हो रहे थे।
    सभी कम्पनियों की इनकमिंग फ्री हो गयी थी। आउटगोइंग 1 से 2 रू प्रति मिनट हो गयी थी।
    उस समय धीरूभाई अम्बानी ने कहा था कि मेरा सपना है कि देश के हर आदमी के हाथ में मोबाइल हो और पोस्टकार्ड की कीमत पर उसे यह दूरसंचार सुविधा मिले।
    कुछ ही समय मे धीरूभाई का वह सपना शहरों में तो पूरा होने के करीब पहुंच गया था लेकिन धीरूभाई की यह मोबाइल क्रांति गांवों तक पहुंचती इससे पहले उनका निधन हो गया था। बंटवारे में रिलायंस मोबाइल अनिल अम्बानी को मिली और उसका कैसा बंटाधार हुआ यह सब जानते हैं। लेकिन आज 15 वर्ष बाद धीरूभाई के दूसरे बेटे मुकेश अपने पिता का वह सपना सच करने की उसी तरह की कोशिश करते दिखे। उनकी यह कोशिश एकबार फिर मोबाइल क्रांति का एक और नया इतिहास लिखने को तैयार दिख रही है। इसका फायदा देश के हर नागरिक को मिलेगा तथा 15 साल पहले धीरूभाई अम्बानी द्वारा देखा गया सपना “#कर_लो_दुनिया_मुट्ठी_में” साकार होगा।
    इसका श्रेय अम्बानी परिवार को ही जाता है।
    इसलिए मुझे यह कहने लिखने में कोई संकोच नहीं कि…

    1. भाई ये मत भुलो postpaid बिल 4000/5000 तक का अंबानी ने माफ कर दिया था।

  8. voice commands demonstration was scripted as it was so accurate, and fast, even siri can’t recognize that fast, and screen was showing 2 phones at a same tym.

  9. no whatsapp, NFC with later update, 153plan with 500mb/day FUP,309 plan with 1GB per day FUP

  10. This move is just to capture the voice market from AVOID . Because this is one of the major revenue market for AVOID, Because for feature phone customers AVOID don’t give any offers , or most of the users are unaware about STVs , so companies charged them the Base rate for service .
    This move from Jio will definitely catch most of the voice market in India .A huge thread for all other telecom companies .
    Also Jio is wisely set the packs starting at 150 rs ensure this will met the Average revenue per user .

  11. Phone battery will be replaced twice or thrice due to usage ….. Keyboard keys popped up. It will be on death bed. No sense…. Nokia 1100 quality days gone.

    1. It’s having 2000mAh battery which is sufficient for feature phone having small screen.


    1. You would lose your phone in that case and not money, remember a device always comes at a price, this too isn’t free, only that this has a buy back guarantee. So if you use it for three years, still have the phone with you, you would get your money back by returning the device and effectively used the phone free for three years, if you lose it then you are responsible, why would the company return your security deposit?

  13. Hello Mr gogi, are u sure data is unlimited without any FUP ? I read 500 mb per day at gadgets 360

    1. Will need to check that, will be clear once the same is listed on the official site.

  14. People expecting was at 500 rs phone , will wait for similar plan for their old feature phone.

      1. I don’t see WiFi mentioned anywhere, where did you get the information that this has hotspot?

    1. This phone does not have Whatsapp, main reason they want to promote their own app “JIO CHAT”.
      Anyway its a good move. Let us all join Make in India movement.

    2. As per reports this phone is running on Firefox operating system and not android or java. Therefore there are very limited apps that are compatible. Looks like WhatsApp is not compatible or developers are still working on compatible WhatsApp version for the hardware it has.

  15. After 3yrs, nobody may have the phone in good working condition to return & get the money back. So Crores of money collected from Crores of people in the name of security deposit is theirs & they can do business for 3 yrs & make more profit from it. So nothing is free for the customer. They have to recharge monthly too. So the company is getting 1500 per person & making sure they recharge monthly & use only their Jio network for 3yrs.

    1. So, what is the problem even then? do you want phone for free and also the services too free??

    2. It is not at all mandatory for every person to buy. There are other offers for prepaid customers as well… think about it. This is the plan company is offering. It is up to people to buy or not.

    3. I have used almost my every smartphone for more than 3 years and it is not a big deal for many.

    4. If you are pointing their business strategy then what you told is correct, but nothing wrong in their strategy.
      But if you are expecting for free of cost, then you should feel shame yourself

  16. my phone supports bt terthering idk if that too supports sharing internet through bt ?

  17. Most of the people will not care about the 1500 they spent 3 years back so it’s good trick used by Jio to get more customers. I am using Jio and the speed is average even though coverage is good.

  18. Definitely this phone will have single sim …
    to terminate other players of Telecom ..
    But after adding million of million customer , speed will be also a great issue ….
    But thanks Reliance to give a path to digital payment ,4g upgrade of common man ,too lower price of data ,lifetime free voice call and put tv in our pockets ..

      1. This is biggest draw back for this phone, and many customers not interested because of this reason…… What’s your thinking gogi ji

  19. There is no WiFi hotspot feature therefore you are forced to watch on that tiny 2.4 inch low resolution screen to watch movies. Anyone who can afford to spend 300 RS per month can easily buy a smartphone of 6k anyday and therefore need not buy this stupid feature phone with security deposit.
    There are hidden terms and conditions we still do not know…for example definition of term “misuse” is unknown.

    1. I think “misuse” means unlocking jiophone(unoffically) to support 4g network of other network operators

    2. @Sachin11 – Bro, this phone is not introduced to watch movies on 2.4 inch Screen. This phone is useful for old peoples and few uneducated peoples (mainly at urban areas) who mainly uses for calling purpose.
      Main strategy is to acquire those peoples. As per record 60 crores of people at urban area using basic feature phone.

      1. @Raj, See for 153 plan you are getting unlimited voice calls and 500mb data per day. For making voice calls this jio phone is good enough. But to consume 500mb data we need a cheap but large screen phone that runs on Android OS for proper smartphone experience. Instead of paying 1500 as security deposit for feature phone why not buy a cheap but proper smartphone such as ivoomi me4 or me5 for Rs 3500-4500.

  20. The 1500₹ security deposit will be refunded on returning the phone after 3 yrs. That is, after three years, if the person wishes to return it.

    After 3 yrs we’re still stuck on 4G?

  21. 1500 deposit for 3years?!! Just to save 1500, some may not want to use it for 3 years!!! ((3*12)*₹153 = ₹5508)
    Good strategy to retain the customers.
    Does this mean the user has to continuously use the services for three years? And will that be for Prepaid or Postpaid?
    What if we don’t use the services for couple of days/months/years?
    But still, looks a good deal if it can also support other networks!(Unlocked)

    1. small correction. In a year there are 13 months in telecom industry.
      Hence 3*13*153.

    2. I dont understand the problem with the People. what do you want -> phone for free and services also for free. Don’t pay anything for anything!!

      Rs 153 plan for unlimited calling is amazing for Labour and other industrial workers. they spends so much in daily recharge to talk to their families. One of worker in my factory recharges Rs 10 each day to check with his family each day that amounts to Rs 300/month and he is using Rs 12-1300/- phone.
      What and where is the problem.

  22. I have one doubt. It is not clear to me, if we will have to return the phone after three years of usage to get the security deposit money back. U know anything? Gogiji?

    1. You need to return the phone after 3 years to get security deposit, this is in case someone misuses the phone.

        1. You can use if you want then you will not get security deposit, the phone is yours then. See it this way if you consider Rs. 1500 as deposit then you are using phone on rent and if you consider this as your phone forget Rs. 1500 that is the price if this phone.

    1. Not sure yet, but if it has WiFi then it should have, I really doubt if they will add WiFi cause that way many will use it to connect to PC and use more data.

      1. S it has hotspot gogi bhai
        Some one posted video of this feature phone and in that video he showed wi-fi hotspot option too