Crusaders Technologies have launched two new air purifiers in the Indian markets, the Crusaders XJ-4001B and Crusaders XJ-2900. These new state of the art air purifiers will protect pregnant women and children from toxic air.

Air pollution is becoming a big problem especially in cities and to counter that many brands have launched Air Purifiers that can be used at home and offices. Impure Air / Pollution can increase risk of developing respiratory diseases, flu, asthma and allergies.

Pregnant  women living in cites are more vulnerable, as per reports 40% new born babies suffer from respiratory disorders due to polluted air (especially in metros). Crusaders offer solutions to such problems.

Crusaders XJ-4001B is India’s first air purifier with digital PM 2.5 air quality indicator, it comes with WiFi built in and users can operate it from anywhere in the world. This air purifier model no XJ-4001B is priced at Rs. 38,000 and it comes with very strong filtration technology and covers 950 Sq feet area.

Crusaders XJ-2900 air purifier

The Crusaders XJ-2900 is for home use, it covers up to 350 sq feet area and comes with 7 filter technology, power consumption is 43W. It can neutralize dust, smoke, bacteria, micro organism, virus, odour, pollen, smoke etc.

Crusaders XJ-2900 with filters (Pre-Filter, Activated Carbon, HEPA, Cold Catalyst Filter, UV Filter, Ionizer) is priced at Rs. 12,999. There is a indicator and the filter replacement will cost around Rs. 2,200.

Crusaders air purifier is available on Flipkart.