The Blueair Blue Pure 211 is air purifier available in India that can clean 540 sq ft room up to 5 times per hour. Here is the Blue Pure 211 review that will give help you decide if you want to  buy this unit or not.

Do you need a air purifier?

If you are living in an environment friendly locality then there is really no need, but if you are living in a polluted environment and breathing impure air then the air purifier will really help. Air Purifiers will filter smoke, dust, pollen, small particles and even eliminate odour. So in all you get fresh clear air to breath and the room will feel fresh.

How to use the Blueair Blue Pure 211

This purifier is very simple to use. It comes with two part attachment, the top part is the fan mechanism and the bottom part is the filter. There is a elastic cloth over the filter that you can remove anytime and clean it in your washing machine when needed. There is a single button just plug in the power and tap button once to switch on, there are 3 speed modes, tap to change and tap 4th time to switch off.

Blueair pure 211 air purifier review

Blueair Blue Pure 211 Specifications

Dimensions : 22 x 51.6 x 33 cm
Room Clean Size : 540 SqFT
Air Change frequency : 5 times per hour
Weight : 5.7KG
Energy Consumption : 30 to 61W
Body : Plastic
Control : Single Button
Filter Type : HEPA
Ionizer : Yes
Noise Level : 56dB
Filter replacement : 6 to 7 months depending on usage

Blueair pure 211 air purifier button


I used this Air Purifier in my room for a week. There is a single button to operate, it is really simple, tap the power button once and operation starts in low mode, tap again to increase fan speed, tap again for max fan speed and the next tap will power off the unit. There are LED’s that will light up accordingly – 1,2,3 full circle.

Blueair pure 211 air purifier fan module

Operation noise was quite low, hardly audible in low speed mode, but in high speed mode I could hear the unit working but it is decently low does not really disturb. I am living in Navi Mumbai and it is pollution free, however there are some civil work going on in the society and it gets a bit dusty at times.

Blueair pure 211 air purifier filter module

So when using the purifier for few days what I noticed was the room felt more fresh than before and it completely removed the odour. When I moved from one room to the other room that was using the Blueair Pure 211 air purifier I clearly felt the difference.

Blueair pure 211 air purifier filter cloth


The Blueair Blue Pure 211 is a low power consumption air purifier that does a very good job. The bottom unit as I mentioned before can be easily replaced. Now coming to the price of this air purifier – its available on Flipkart for Rs. 23,800 as for now. The filter cost could be under Rs. 7,000.

Rating 4 out of 5

Blueair Blue Pure 211 on Flipkart for Rs. 23,800.

By Rajeev Rana

Founder and Chief Editor -