Here is a portable Bluetooth speaker from a well known brand SONY, the SONY SRS-XB40 that comes for a price but once you use it you will agree that the price is worth it. Check this SONY SRS-XB40 portable Bluetooth speaker review it will help you know more about this product.

The SONY SRS-XB40 portable Bluetooth speaker is not that light when compared with other Bluetooth speakers. Build and finishing is very good, looks premium and a lot unique, and once you switch on the power – its icing on the cake.

SONY SRS-XB40 apart from stereo speakers come with flashy light integrated into the speaker vents. Now the lights will flash based on the audio beats and does sync really good. There is NFC you can quickly pair with NFC enabled devices that will then use Bluetooth, or you can manually pair with your smartphone / other devices via Bluetooth or you can simply plug in the audio cable into the audio-in jack to pass audio content via the SONY SRS-XB40 speaker.

SONY SRS-XB40 portable Bluetooth speaker box pack SONY SRS-XB40 portable Bluetooth speaker review

This SONY SRS-XB40 portable speaker is water resistant, it is IPX5 certified – spill resistant, but not fully water proof, you should not immerse this in water and avoid sea water. The built in battery does excellent job you will get around 1 day of battery life (non-stop) on a full charge.

SONY SRS-XB40 portable Bluetooth speaker quality

SONY SRS-XB40 portable Bluetooth speaker Specifications

Unboxing (Inside the box) : Speaker, user manual, warranty card, power adapter
Speaker Type : Portable, Stereo, dual passive radiators
Connectivity : NFC, Bluetooth Audio in
Other : There is USB port you can use that to charge other devices – use this speaker like a power bank
Bluetooth Version : 4.2
Bluetooth Range : 10m
Frequency Response : 20 – 20000
Impedance : 4
Amplifier : S – Master
Features : Electronic Dance Music (EDM), Extra Bass, Clear Audio+
Battery : 5400 mAh
Battery Charging time : 4 hours
Battery Life : Up to 1 day non-stop

SONY SRS-XB40 portable Bluetooth speaker lights

SONY SRS-XB40 portable Bluetooth speaker performance

The audio quality is impressive and if you are a bass lover then there is a special extra bass button, keep it on. You will easily feel the difference when using extra bass and when not using it. As far as the volume is concerned it is amazingly loud, so loud that at full volume your neighbors will complain.

SONY SRS-XB40 portable Bluetooth top

The next thing that will impress is the light effect, its awesome. There are other things this SRS-XB40 can do like you can use it like a speaker phone (voice assist), you can connect multiple such speaker (up to 10) in series / chain and yes you can use the USB port to charge other devices. There is a app, in case you want to use – for Android and iOS platforms.

SONY SRS-XB40 portable Bluetooth speaker buttons including extra bass

SONY SRS-XB40 portable Bluetooth speaker ports


Overall this is an impressive portable speaker that may look pricey if you just look at the tag, but once you play around with it, you will agree that it is totally worth it.  If you have the budget – go for it.

Rating 4.8 out of 5

SONY SRS-XB40 Portable Bluetooth Speaker is available for Rs. 14,799.

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  1. Bought Jabra Solemate Max which has close to 80W RMS output for 6k during sale, sounds lot better than many competing models under 15k price range

  2. What the Hell about Price 14.8k. I Got Logitech Z906 5.1 THX Certified Dolby + DTS Speakers For With 6 diffrent inputs for16.7K. Sony is definitely out of Mind.
    I know that I got a different one than Sony but It’s Not Something sony can’t even think of giving to its customer at this price point. Which I decided to buy after hearing many sony 5.1 demos up to 50k price range trust me Sony is One Shit . They just want to loot Customers. While playing movie Transformers The Age of Extinction DOLBY DIGITAL 5.1 512 Kbps audio the manger at Sony showroom said that movie is not sounding good on. 50k sony 5.1 is because the audio is of low quality. Poor Man does not have technical knowledge or is just protecting sony for his salary.
    One thing is for sure Not Going to buy SONY . Because it not like it used to be in OLD DaYS.
    Rest is Up to You Guys.

  3. Considering the price, Sony should have included other connectivity options such as microsd/usb playback. Also FM is missing.

  4. One can Buy Dolby supported 5.1 home theatre system in 15000 from local market.
    15000 for Bluetooth speaker is too much.Not worth it.

  5. gogiji is it better than Zoook Rocker Armor XL (30W) ?
    kindly do a comparison becoz i feel its better

  6. Gogi,
    I have Phillips IN BT120/94 portable speaker which comes with 4000mah battery.

    Sometimes, you may get is for ₹3000
    Gives a very good battery backup.
    Music sound is very loud and clear.
    Very good bass effect.
    Aux pin.

    Call clarity may not be that great though.
    No USB port
    No light effects

    If possible, check it out once.