Xiaomi Black Square portable Bluetooth speaker review

The Xiaomi Black Square is a Bluetooth 4.0 supported speaker that is light weight, portable and delivers excellent sound output. This speaker houses a 1200 mAh battery and is available for $25.99 that comes to approx ₹1,800.

Xiaomi had recently announced the Mi Bluetooth speaker for ₹1,999. Now that is a different speaker (review coming soon).

Xiaomi Black Square Unboxing

Inside the rectangular box pack you will find the Black Square speaker, user guide instructions on the cardboard and warranty card.


The Black Square box is using an aluminum alloy frame that is anti corrosion, anti sweat and portable. The frame is silver colored with shiny silver borders. Weight is 221 grams with built-in battery. It’s a rectangular box with a very good build quality and finishing.

Xiaomi Black Square Bluetooth Speaker review

There are nice textures on the front speaker vents and even on the back side. This gives a premium feel, good enough to catch attention (looks as well as performance wise). Rubber padding’s on the bottom helps keep the speaker secure on a flat surface.

On the right side you will find a micro USB port (to charge this device), LED indicator and power on/off button.

Xiaomi Black Square Bluetooth Speaker button, LED and micro USB port

Specifications and Performance

Xiaomi Black Square portable Bluetooth speaker makes use of Bluetooth 4.0 with an effective distance of 10 meters. Frequency Range is 2.4GHz ~ 2.48GHz and Impedance 4Ω. There are two speakers inside of 1.8W output each.

Xiaomi Black Square Bluetooth Speaker build quality (aluminum frame)

Its’ a small body but delivers big sound. Sound quality is awesome and even the bass output is too good. You get a completely different experience when you are using this speaker to watch movies or playing your favorite music on your smartphone.

Pairing process is simple, by default the speaker when switched on goes into pairing mode, you just need to switch on the Bluetooth on your device and pair it, once.

Xiaomi Black Square Bluetooth Speaker back texture

There is no built in microphone, you can only use this speaker for output.

Battery performance

This Xiaomi Bluetooth speaker comes with a 1200 mAh built in battery that will last for up to 10 hours on a full charge. It takes less than one and a half hour to fully charge this BT speaker.


If you are looking for a portable Bluetooth speaker with awesome sound quality and Bass this one is worth looking for.

This variant is not available in India, but you can buy it from Banggood.com for $25.99 (approx ₹1,800). You can opt for free shipping, it will take some time getting it delivered (with a month) and you don’t need to pay any custom duty.

Xiaomi Black Square portable Bluetooth speaker is available for $25.99.

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Xiaomi Bluetooth Speaker video review


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