Ringing Bells the company that made headlines by announcing the Freedom 251 smartphone for ₹251 could be in trouble again, this time from Adcom. At the launch event the company did not even had a prototype ready, in fact they showcased an Adcom smartphone.

Ringing Bells company used an Adcom model and had used a whitener to hide the Adcom logo. The Adcom company had indeed sold some handsets to Ringing Bells at ₹3,600 per unit, they had no idea about the Bells future plans and now they are planning for a legal action.

Ringing Bells on the other hand have started refunding the amount collected from thousands of customers and as per their new strategy they will be going in for cash on delivery (COD). With Adcom now planning to take legal action, the company (Ringing Bells) might drop the cheapest handset plan.

Adcom legal action ringing bells

Freedom 251 got around 30,000 bookings on the launch day itself, thanks to the server and payment gateway crashes. As per the company plan they would be rolling out 25 lakh units before June 30.

By Rajeev Rana

Founder and Chief Editor - gogi.in