Sharp recently launched the world’s first Air Purifier Sharp  FP-FM40E that not only purifiers air but also comes with non-toxic mosquito catching mechanism. So in all this is a Air Purifier with built in Mosquito Catcher, priced (MRP) at Rs. 28,000.

The Sharp  FP-FM40E is using exclusive patented plasmacluster ion technology plus non-toxic mosquito catching mechanism and this Air Purifier also eliminates macroscopic / Micro pollutants present in the Air.

This purifier makes use of 5 step mosquito catching mechanism, it can capture mosquitoes and fruit flies. There is UV lights to attract mosquitoes, with powerful air suction the mosquitoes / flies get trapped on a strong glue sheet.

Sharp FP-FM40E Air Purifier uses negative ions to clean / refresh air – it deactivates mould, toxic gases, bacteria and viruses. FP-FM40E can purify 99.97% air particles. Cleaning capacity is 300 Sq. feet.

Sharp FP-FM40E Air Purifier

The  Sharp FP-FM40E Air Purifier is exclusively available on Amazon for Rs. 28,000 – now priced at Rs. 25,999.