How to get Airtel 60GB free data, Post-paid customers only

Airtel is back again with free data, this time too it is for Post-paid customers only. Airtel is now offering up to 60GB free data. The process to claim this free data is the same as before. I have listed the process on how to claim Airtel 60GB data.

Now if you are a Airtel Post-paid customer only then can you get the free data. For this you will need to use the Airtel App. Run the app and there you will see the free data advertisement that says ‘Enjoy Live Shows with free data, claim now. Now this free data (total GB) will depend on your usage and your relation with Airtel. Also in case you have a basic Airtel plan without any data / you have never subscribed / recharged to any data plan, then you will not see the Airtel free data offer.

Also in most cases based on your usage pattern you may get more free data max 60GB. For example I just got 12GB free data i.e. 2GB per month for 6 months. Another thing is that unused data gets accumulated and can be used later on.

Airtel 60GB free data

You need to download Airtel Live TV app and that will entitle you to claim the free data offer. If you had already installed the Airtel TV app you can skip that step.

As mentioned I got 12GB free data (Max you can get is 60GB), depends on your usage and the plan you have subscribed with Airtel.

So how much free data did you get from the Airtel 60GB free data offer?



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