If you may recall Airtel had given 30GB free data to its post paid customers and now they have extended the scheme. Airtel Monsoon Surprise now gives you up to 30GB free data by following some simple steps.

How to get up to 30GB free 4G data via Airtel Monsoon Surprise scheme

Use the airtel app, launch the app and there you will see the enjoy Monsoon Surprise Get free data ad. Tap on the ad and it will take you to another page where you will need to follow certain steps – there are 3 steps. Now this offer is not available for every Airtel customer. If you are eligible then the first step is automatically done.

The 2nd step is to install the Airtel TV app on your smartphone. Once you install the Airtel TV app, you may or may not want to register for that, but better do so. That’s it the next and the final step is to claim the free data.

Airtel Monsoon surprise offer Airtel 30GB free data

Once you hit the claim button, you will need to wait for sometime before you get a confirmation. It took about less than 2 hours for me to get the confirmation. I got 30GB free data (10GB per month for 3 months). The amount of free data (max 30GB) will depend on your usage patternĀ  and lot of other factors.

Did you get the free Airtel 30GB free data?

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  1. Mobile companies Offering such scheme to attract customers as well as to keep happy existing customer.
    Only those knows very well if such data is available on Airtel network all time. I tried it only 3-4 gb data used and now no access to data. 121/198 customer care said remove sim, reboot handset, your Mobile slot is damage, like that you will get multiple solution but it will not work at all. I purchased new handset and able to use wifi using broadband. On my airtel network it is showing some 0.5 kb data transactions only which is less than 2G.

    So don’t waste time with such offer, better to go for Gio.

  2. fake. i claimed they showed me that I received. but not showing in my usage account.

  3. I call customer care and they keep announcing to open the myAirtel app and choose the offer. But in the app no such banner exists. Very strange.

    1. Yes it depends on your usage pattern and how long you have been using Airtel, not Airtel customer will get that.

      1. I got it … Previously I also got 30gb for 3 month and now again. Just to open my Airtel App and download Airtel TV app and done.

  4. What about prepaid users…we are also part of airtel how they can be partia