More trouble for LeEco, Shanghai Court froze $182 million assets of LeEco Chairman

The Shanghai High People’s Court on account of missed load payments has frozen $82 million in assets of Jia Yueting (Chairman of LeEco). LeEco is already going through a financial crunch they even trimmed down their business operations in India.

The latest news is a big setback to LeEco company, all of you know that the LeEco company was not doing well for quite some time. They were going through a bad phase, they even closed several offices in India and limited the staff to the bare minimal.

Some were hoping that it could be a short term issue, but after this latest news it looks really difficulty for LeEco to come back. As mentioned, a shanghai court has frozen about $180 million worth of assets of Jia Yueting (co-founder / Chairman LeEco), his wife and 3 subsidiaries.

Leeco assets frozen

This was connected to the load for LeEco mobile business that the company failed to pay / missed payments. The bank went for legal option after they attempted to recover the interest but failed on several occasions.

Source : NYTimes.


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