Here is the ZAAP Air Purifier review. If you are looking to buy a Air Purifier that comes with a budget friendly price tag and the one that is effective, this is the one. The ZAAP Air Purifier makes use of HEPA filter,  PCO Filter and also includes UV-C Light that kills germs and bacteria.

ZAAP Air Purifier is priced at just Rs. 4,999 and can purifier room of size 118 sq Ft. It comes with 3 fan speed controls and a special UV-C on/off button. This air purifier is compact (11 inch height), light weight (about 2Kg weight) and comes with replaceable filters. The Purifier has got a metallic finishing, very good build and it will bend in any room.

This purifier does a pretty good job ( for a small room), you can also use it for a big room (more than 118 sq Ft) though it will take some  time to purify it. There are 3 fan speed options, 1 and 2 are pretty silent.

ZAAP Air Purifier review

HEPA filter will capture 99.97 dust / allergens / 0.3 microns dust / pet dander / pollen and mold spores. The charcoal filter will reduce odors from cooking pets and smoking. UV-C light kills bacteria, mold spores and germs. The purifier also comes with ion booster that releases 3 million negative ions (per cubic centimeter) to purify air.

ZAAP Air Purifier box


I tried the air purifier in my room, placed the purifier in the room, and switched it on at 3 fan level. After 5 hours when I entered the room I immediately felt the difference, the air was clean, smell was different, fresh. You will need to replace the filters after 6 to 8 months based on your usage and the filter cost is just Rs. 799.

This is a perfect, compact air purifier that comes with a decent price tag (cheap air purifier in India). If you are suffering from asthma or prone to dust allergies then you should consider buying this one.

Rating 4.5 out of 5

ZAAP Air Purifier is available on Amazon for Rs. 4,999 –
ZAAP Air Purifier filter is priced at Rs. 799 –

By Rajeev Rana

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