Lava Mobiles will soon join the quad core bandwagon by launching the Xolo Q800 within the next few months. The handset will run on Jelly bean OS and probably will come with the same specifications as on the Micromax A116.

As per reports the handset will sport a 4.5 inch screen with 960×540 pixel resolution. The handset will run on Jelly Bean OS 4.1 with 1GB RAM. Features included are 3G, Wi-Fi, GPS, Dual SIM support, micro USB and 3.5mm jack. There will be two cameras a front camera of (may be) 2MP resolution and the rear 8MP AF camera with LED flash.

It will not be the only quad core handset that Xolo is planning to launch; in fact 3 more quad core smartphones will become part of the ‘Q’ family apart from Q800. These handsets will be available within the next 2 months.

So far the low cost quad core market is being ruled by Micromax A116 and the next one is the Karbonn S1, but sadly none of these handsets are easily available and could take another week or two to show up. UMI X2 is another tempting handset, but for it to do well the UMI company needs to setup few service centers.

Xolo Q800

The Lava Xolo Q800 price I guess should be less than the MMX A116 cause of smaller screen size. This could also become a good alternative for users who are not comfortable with 5 inch A116. Well this March and the coming months will be full of surprises, new models, competitive prices and much more, stay tuned.

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  1. Hi Gogi,

    Can u please suggest me upon the mobie which i hav to go My choices are Xolo Q800 and Lenovo P770. I heard that Xolo mobiles have some heating issue . Can u please comment on that regarding this phone.

  2. Samsung se ghatiya kuchch nahi.
    even karbonn a7+ which is only Rs.6500 beat Samsung galaxy ace duos Rs 11000 in every department. a7+ plays temple runs easily and Samsung ace duos sucks . it says ” device not supporting”. ghatiya Samsung lolu parsaad. lava and Mmx far far better to samsung kabaadi.

  3. Gogi sir, I have bought this handset and the resolution is 960 * 540.
    So please correct it.

  4. Only Phone which can beat MMX easily is XOLO. I am using X700, I bought it for mere 7500 from mirchmart and it is a wonderful look and works like butter. Duel Core and resolution overall a great phone. 5 inch is too big to hadle so 4.5 is the best phone. its just unbeleivable that I play all HD games like GTA, NFS, and many more on thios phone smoothly. I am now eagerly waiting for Q800, it will be best in its class. and to tell you all, look wise no one can beat XOLO phnes. take my words. Gogi Bhai, do keep us informed when it becomes available. also tell us if there will be any chance of getting JB update for XOLO A700. thnx.

    1. Hey budy pls cnfrm u hav xolo X700 or A700 b clr pls i dont think thr is any model xolo X700

  5. micromax taking 21 days to deliver the a 116 ,what is there capacity 5000 mobiles per month ..or china is far away from india…..?

  6. hey gogi plz…suggest me a smart phone wid in the range of 13000 with latest specifications……….

  7. Xolo phones are arguably better designed, look good, and the build quality is appreciable. Moreover MMX A110 and now A116 are just unassuming mass of plastic.The design is quite generic and its too ‘bulky’. Camera wise, Xolo phones have been previously shipped with BIS sensor which offers better quality.

    The rest of the specs will be same as MMX A116 – Mediatek 6589 quadcore, 1GB RAM, 720p display although @ 4.5 inch ppi will be higher.

    4.5~4.7″ is in my opinion the best form factor. Although 5″ inch phones are becoming the defacto standard, but I’d still prefer 4.5 or 4.7 ones.

  8. Comment on Sony Xperia sl and Nokia Lumia 820 and if possible, On Nokia 720! also against Q800 ( MMX A116 is not of my choice due to 5″ Screen and Brand! Xolo offers better cam too!!! )

    OS should be lite, fast and zippy! + some few free/Paid games and apps! Am not a Appophile!

    Han, camera should be good, if not decent!

    Also! A good display and Stylish Model!

    Look forward to U Gogijee and my dear Co-Commentators!!!

  9. Hey Gogi bro, have you got the Review unit of UMi X2? They have dispatched first 50 units and it seems, u’ll get the first! Pz make a review asap pz!

  10. Hi gogi,i want to buy a phone please suggest me which one will better karbonn a30 or lava iris 501. My choice is a30. plz reply me soon.

  11. Hi gogi..
    1-canvas HD has MT 6589 1.2GHZ quadcore and xolo Q8000 has MT 6577 1GHZ quad core procesor so i think canvas HD is more powerful than Q800. Am i correct? 2-pls tell which thes 2 companies hav better aftersales service mmx or lava?

    1. Oh sorry…u replied in other thread that Umi x2 is coming after 15th march. Dhanyawad !

  12. Gogi Sir,
    Do you have any other handset coming up with same specifications of Celkon A200. Is any other Competitor coming up with exactly similar specications.
    1. 4.3″ Display
    2. Front & Back(AF) Camera with Flash
    3. Front camera for VC.
    4. Almost all the Sensors like Magnetic (e-compass), bsi sensors etc.
    5. Most importantly the price Rs.8000/- (I luv the price point).

  13. And with due respect!

    You spelled – Spelled as Spelt….lol

    @topic – This is getting confusing…. I am waiting for a stable time for the past 3 months; but these sets are continuously showing up one after the other!

    1. ‘Spelled’ and ‘spelt’ both are correct. ‘Spelt’ is regarded incorrect by Windows because you’ve been selected US English. In British English both are correct.

      1. 🙂 Hahaha.
        CaptainLee & Deepak, both of you are one of a kind!
        Made my day.

        Two WRONGs don’t make a right!

  14. Replacement for Canvas HD especially for those who dont want a big 5″ screen.
    Nice specs.
    One question for Mr. Gogi Sir, who is providing the after sale service for xolo devices, is it lava or anyone else?
    Please let us know.
    Thank You.

  15. lava Doob mare lava me!
    confusing model names categoring intel and arm into single stream

  16. Lava mmx dono chutyap phone dnt buy them u will regret hardly lasts for 4-6 months i have used both lava nd mmx both shit shit pigs arse fones. 3rd class quality cheap phones. Samsung betaj badshah of phones a 1Ghz aamaung dual core is more than enough in sab indian chiller chalo roadside companies lava nd mmx ki gand fadne mai.

  17. I think the pixel density and battery life will be little more due to little shorter screen.
    Although 4.5 inch is good for hand and pocket both.

  18. Well i am tuned to this blog every day and night, keep the party rolling….Great work gogi and please mention your sources whenever possible

  19. Same as Micromax A116, only Screen Size Different How much Price this Quid Core Smartphone.

  20. I think xolo n lava are two different companies
    coz when evr u cal any xolo executive dey tell us that v r not from lava mobile