In the world of health monitoring, the Sanket Life Portable ECG Monitor emerges as a compact and user-friendly device that brings the power of ECG technology to the palm of your hand. Let’s take a closer look at what makes this portable ECG monitor a game-changer.

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Compact and Portable Design:

Opening the box reveals a sleek and compact ECG monitor, perfect for those on the go. Designed with convenience in mind, it’s a small yet powerful device that fits into your lifestyle seamlessly. Accompanying the device is a comprehensive user manual to guide you through its features and functionalities.

Easy Operation:

If you’ve ever undergone an ECG or witnessed the process, you’re familiar with the numerous leads attached to the body. Sanket Life simplifies this complex procedure into a compact device that you can operate with ease.

User-Friendly Interface:

Positioning your thumbs on the left and right sides of the device, you’ll find an intuitive on-off button along with a built-in sensor. To unlock the full potential of the Sanket Life Portable ECG Monitor, you’ll need to install the dedicated Sanket Live application. This app serves as the gateway to managing and understanding your ECG readings.

Conducting an ECG:

Initiating an ECG is as simple as a tap on the screen. The touch-based interface offers you two options, and with a swift selection, the device begins recording your heart’s electrical activity. It’s a quick and painless process that provides you with a multitude of readings.

Reading Interpretation:

As the device captures your ECG, you’ll notice a series of readings appearing on the screen. The first reading serves as a baseline, and holding the device as instructed allows it to check lead L2. The process involves placing your right thumb on the designated spot and ensuring contact with the sensor.

Report Generation and Sharing:

Following the ECG recording, you have the option to send the generated report directly to your healthcare professional. Alternatively, a comprehensive report is available within the application for your reference and understanding.

Affordable Health Monitoring:

The Sanket Life Portable ECG Monitor brings advanced health monitoring to your fingertips at an affordable price. With a price tag of around 3000 rupees, this device provides an accessible solution for those seeking regular heart health monitoring without the need for frequent clinic visits.

In conclusion, the Sanket Life Portable ECG Monitor is not just a device; it’s a companion in your journey towards better health. Offering simplicity, accuracy, and affordability, this innovative gadget is set to redefine how we monitor our cardiovascular well-being. Embrace the future of health monitoring with Sanket Life!

By Rajeev Rana

Founder and Chief Editor -