There are many smartbands available in the market but here is the Amazfit Heart Rate Smartband that is the most advanced band out there. Unfortunately it comes with some limitation, you will know when you check this Amazfit Smartband review.

This looks like any other fitness band and does everything that other fitness bands do, and it also comes with heart rate sensor. But apart from all these the Amazfit Smartband also comes with ECG built in chip that makes this a perfect device to monitor your heart health. Build and finishing is very good, premium and strap quality is really good.

Heart rate sensor counts the pulse / the number of times the heart  beats in a minute and the ECG counts the time difference between two beats, now this is very important because with this data you get a good idea about your heart health i.e. if the beat is in sync and if there is any abnormality.

Amazfit Smartband review

This fitness band continuously monitors your heart rate and if you have heart related problems then this is a very good option. Unfortunately the app is in Chinese, though one can easily guess from the number and graph but for now the app content is in Chinese and I am not sure if Amazfit will roll out English version of the same.

Amazfit Smartband heart rate sensor and ECG sensor

Amazfit Health Smartband Specifications and features

Unboxing : Inside the box you will get the fitness band, user manual in Chinese and a magnetic charging cable – you just need to clip the charging cable on the connectors it will automatically attach
Brand : Amazfit (Xiaomi invested in this)
Waterproof : Yes, water resistant IP67 certified
Bluetooth version : 4.0
Built in Chip Type : ECG
Functions : Pedometer, Sleep monitor, Heart Rate, ECG, HRV Fatigue level monitoring, Cardiovascular Health Index
Screen : OLED, limited functionality on screen you will need to use apps for reports. There is a  button to switch options. The screen does not switch on automatically when you twist your wrist, you need to press the button. But default it will show you the time and date.
How to USE ECG : Tap and keep holding the button for about 1 minute, heart rate sensor and ECG will be used, it will then show the HRV and you can also see the ECG in graph mode (check video review)
Battery : 95mAh, takes about 1 hour 30 minutes to charge and band will last for up to 5 days on full charge (battery life – 5 days)
Strap : Skin friendly, can be replaced if needed

Amazfit Smartband quality


It was not that easy installing the app. After scanning the QR code a app was installed and via that app you need to install the Amazfit Health app. I have uploaded the specific Amazfit Health app so you can simply download it and install it, if you are using this Amazfit band.

This band monitors you steps, calories burned, sleep, heart rate and HRV (Heart Rate Variability). HRV measures time interval between heartbeats and based on that using ECG wave gives an overall Heart Health.

Amazfit Smartband box pack

Apart from this the App is just fantastic, but as mentioned it is in Chinese, however there are a lot of exercise modes (video) and in sets. If your handset supports streaming you can stream the exercise video on a big screen and follow it – check video review for more info on that.

This band gives consistent results, it counts steps by default but if you are walking, running, exercising better use the app and select the exercise mode that way you will get more accurate reading and it also makes use of GPS (phone GPS).


Overall this is an excellent and most advanced fitness band I have seen, but as mentioned the app content is in Chinese. If you know Chinese well and good, but if you can understand numbers then that too does the job. If you are interested in a watch then do check Amazfit smartwatch review.

Download the Amazfit Health App here.

Rating 4.8 out of 5

You can buy this from GearBest website, price is USD 108, use the coupon. Use Coupon code : MiAband and get it for up to $89.99.

You can select priority line as the shipping method, that will most likely get the band delivered without custom duty.

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  1. Brother, can I contact you through email? I need help. I’ve to order the Mi Notebook Air 13 from Gearbest. I’ve got the best deal, just need some help. It’s my first time. Please provide your email id down below so we can get in touch asap.

  2. I am a doctor and ECG is extremely important in few of the emergency cases. Dont know how much we can rely on such ECG readings…since general way of doing ECG is quite time taking. Would be extremely good if we can get english version of app as well as reliability of the band.

  3. As always unbiased review. Gogi Bro it will be great if you publish best fitness band for the month similar to smartphone rating.

  4. Gogi Plz tell me how to get original replacement strap for mi band 2 or other best available options in market

    1. Strap for Mi band 2 you can try buying in India check Mi India website or you can shop online from international sites here is the link

      You will get lot more options and since the strap is small, light weight and cheap there will be no custom duty, however it takes a lot of time around 15 to 60 working days if you choose free shipping.

  5. For me having a battery life of more than a month is the most advance feature and miband 2 has it..

    1. Both mi band and amaze fit are manufactured by same company in which Xiaomi invested