This is Xiaomi Zajia a water saving devices, it comes with Automatic Sense Infrared auto water flow system, really a good option to use in kitchen / bathroom and price is also really good at under Rs. 1,200.

You can buy from Banggood for under Rs. 1,200 –

Inductively drains water.
Water saving.
Convenient to disassemble and assemble.
Super long battery endurance.
Water overflow protection.
IPX6 Waterproof.

Upgrade double sensor for faucet, two sets of sensing areas, two water modes, 0.25 second fast induction.

Drains water inductively by IR, reducing touch pollution.

First-class water efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection.

Simple design style, adapt to various home styles.
6 sets of adapters, meet your different needs.

By Rajeev Rana

Founder and Chief Editor -