Finally after a long time my YouTube channel Gogi Tech will cross 100,000 subscriber mark. I am not a full time YouTuber, and just few months back really started uploading content on a daily basis, that boosted the subscriber count, plus shifting to Hindi really increased the average subscriber count.

I created this channel Gogi Tech on Jul 18th, 2011. I was not so active but managed to do really well with limited number of videos that I used to upload. Things have changed since Jio came into picture and many new users on YouTube got more subscribers and views thanks to Jio and thanks to the Hindi content that was never tapped before.

Unfortunately YouTube started mixing Hindi, other Language content with English content in search, that had an impact on the English content views and hence I completely shifted to Hindi. Just to give you an idea my average new subscriber per month was 200 to 500 at times 2000 (very rare) and now after shifting to Hindi content, I am getting on an average around 8000 plus new subscribers  per month.

Gogi Tech Youtube channel 100,000 subscribers

Some YouTuber’s created a separate Hindi Channel, that makes no sense cause if you have 2 channels one in English and one in Hindi, you need to do 2x the work, plus there will be huge number of subscriber following you on both Hindi and English Channels. For example 89% of my subscribers know Hindi.

So my channel will be crossing 100,000 today, it is already at 99,908 as I am typing this text. I will be uploading new video content every day mostly at 8PM / 9PM, so देखते रहिए.

Thank you all for your support.

By Rajeev Rana

Founder and Chief Editor -