The suspense of the X on the Lava Facebook is out. Presenting the Xolo X1000 another Intel based handset for a price of Rs. 19,999. What’s more with the launch its already available on few online sites.

The Xolo comes powered by Intel Atom Processor with Hyper Threading Technology similar to what we have seen on the Xolo X900, but the X1000 is clocked at 2GHz. The handset runs on the ICS OS over a 4.7 inch screen.

The TFT LCD screen is with HD resolution i.e 1280×720 pixels with 16M colours. The 2GHz processor is coupled with PowerVR SGX540 GPU (400 MHz). An 8MP camera with LED flash and auto focus feature is placed on the back side plus a 1.3MP front camera on the front.

The Xolo X1000 is 9.1mm thick with a weight of around 140grams. The ICS OS runs smoothly with 1GB RAM and 8GB internal storage. Additional features included are 3G (21Mbps), Wi-Fi, Micro USB, Bluetooth 2.1, 3.5mm jack and GPS.

A 1900mAh battery gives a talktime of over 8 hours and standby time is around 13 days. The ICS OS is upgradable to Jelly bean. The price is high but the features are impressive, unique and its Intel inside. It will be interesting to check the benchmark results and compare it with the Micromax A116 (Mediatek quad core processor). There is a good price difference and it all depends on the performance.

Xolo X1000 with 2GHz intel atom processor

Xolo X1000

Xolo X1000 key features and specifications

  • Single SIM.
  • 2GHz Intel Atom Processor ( Hyper Threading Technology) + PowerVR SGX540 GPU.
  • Android 4.0.4 ICS upgradable to Jelly Bean.
  • 4.7 inch TFT LCD capacitive screen with 1280×720 pixels resolution with 16M colours.
  • 1GB RAM, 8GB internal storage and micro SD (32GB max supported).
  • 8MP rear AF camera with LED flash and full HD video recording. Front camera of 1.3MP resolution. 1080p video playback also supported.
  • 3G, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 2.1, 3.5mm jack, GPS with A-GPS, ambient noise cancellation and micro USB.
  • Sensors: Light, Magnetometer, proximity, Gyro and Accelerometer.
  • 1900 mAh battery with 13 days standby and over 8 hours talktime.
  • Price Rs. 19,999 (Available on Flipkart).

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  1. Where does this stay when compared to Quad core mobiles with respect to perfirmance? This is currently available for Rs. 12987 @ Mirchimart.
    Also is this single SIM or Dual?

  2. Pls let me know few below things about Intel Xolo X1000.

    Sound – ??
    Gaming performance – ??
    Web browsing – ??

  3. Selling my Xolo X1000 for INR 18K in Bangalore… week old…Bought on 22nd March…Selling because going for Note 2…It comes with box, accessories and original bill. Contact me at

  4. Dear Gogi,

    I think x900 is still a better value proposition @12990 with 1.6 Ghz, 1 GB RAM, HDMI Out, Corning Gorilla Glass etc, etc If they upgrade to JB, which I think is on the way. x1000 looks great but with the given specifications I think it is overpriced. What do you think about it.

  5. Guys benchmarks r out…….disappointed Scores r even lower than A116 HD. Then whats the use of 2 GHz… Huh Crap!

  6. hello
    i want to buy xolo a700. is it good for a long period. how is the after sale service.
    please reply soon i want to buy it on coming sunday. my use are browsing music movies only not gaming.
    thanks in advance

    1. Pradeep go for it without any doubt because it is a very good phone and after sale service is good for lava comparing to KARBONN

  7. This mobile creates revolution before launching. Lava xolo offer for bid the price of phone and take away free.This offer creates mad rush. But at the end nothing new except intel processor.lagta hai KHODA PAHAD NIKALA CHUHA.

  8. the single core x86 atom processor is faster than any arm quad or octa core processor now available ie; in canvas hd or samsung galaxy s4, etc. But gpu is old powervr sgx540mp2 than sgx544mp on mtk6589 (sgx540mp2 faster than sgx544mp because of two cores ie;mp2). I think antutu sureley higher than 25000 because of x86 processor

  9. ‘Y’ Xolo created so much hype for this ‘X’ factor I don’t know……
    This ‘Mr. X in Goa’ will be nowhere in this bloody Quadcore race…..

    1. INTEL is the word for you nothing beats hyper-threading of intel so any quad core cant stand in front of a 2Ghz intel single core

  10. Hype for nothing !!
    I thought that it will come up with clover trail +
    Lava is giving us last years specs at premium prices !
    720p screen with PowerVR 540 GPU
    I thought they would come up with something amazing but IT WAS TOTAL DISAPPOINTMENT
    Also since its a Intel inside product so there will be a lot of Delay in Updates
    I dont think its worth buying.

  11. Everybody wait for Lenovo K900 its priced around $480 i.e rs. 26000/-
    with Clover Trail+ 1.8Gz with 5.5 full hd with gorilla glass and x86 Lava again flop show….

  12. look at this rs19999 what waste of money lenovo K900 launch in china at 2999 yuan (rs 26210)

  13. same hardware as x900 just processor overclock to 2 ghz . they written its Z2480 but i think its same on x900 Z2460 because This is the same processor present in the Motorola Razr i which launch last year

  14. Price is very high, if it would be 14-15K then it could be competitor or we can say substitute of MMX A116. We see, in these MMX A116 has huge demand but not available anywhere and this phone can fulfil that requirement… so Lava think again and drop its price then only u can have good chance to capture MMX market…Gogi bhai, what u say, Is this phone price worthy??

      1. Well..gogi need to know if this phone can work overseas? A total disaster though. They took so long to update their hardware dunno what they will do with software..and ICS!!

        1. Sid,

          Intel released a Jelly Bean version to support their core somewhere in Sep 2012 .. the issue is, it is going through a long certification process with the carriers and users .. Some of the intel phones in the US are yet to get the update to JB.. It is a long and arduous … so there is no update schedule till mid of april and hence lava was forced to release this phone with ICS.. JB should be available by the time when Lenovo K900 launches in 17th Apr.

  15. Little bit disappointed!

    Bluetooth 2.1, ICS ( understandable on behalf of Intel ), Ll bit of Low Battery as d processor + Intel draw juice quicker + Priced a bit high, if not, for d specs, which are nonetheless Amazing! Had it been a Clover Trail + , I would have loved to spend a 2-3000 More!!!

    But, Not all our wishes get fulfilled , as todays match!!!

  16. It is way over-priced for an ICS Phone when 4.1 JB is standard everywhere, 4.2 JB is running on the Nexuses and Key Lime Pie announcement is less than two months away. When is Intel going to understand that Software is more important and advances faster than Hardware in the Mobile world.

  17. XOLO x900 is available for 14000….and the new one x1000 if for 20000….!..What we get for the 6000 difference is…. 0.7 inch bigger screen..with almost same ppi…..a slight speed improvement in CPU….same GPU..and8 GB less internal memory instead of 16 GB on x900 …though it is expandable…!Big disappointment..!15000-16000 would have been the best price…or even less than that….but 20000..its too costly!

  18. it also has same processor & GPU of razr i.. tht has low resolution so this wld hv even lower FPS rate on nenamark test,,, 😐

  19. Very unfortunate considering they not providing a minimum IPS screen with scratch resistant. Anyway let’s wait for a good review.

  20. Hello Gogi,

    I wish to see the benchmark scores for this phone… Please review it soon

  21. Hii gogi
    pls pls tell when you will review Lava Xolo Q800…
    Or you will not?
    I read on internet that it got nenamark 2 score of 54fps which is quite good considering display size and resolution.
    Waiting for your review……

  22. Why Intel processor is too much prizy first xolo 900 prize 27000 & now xolo x 1000 wt 20000 not a budjet friendly phone for midrange people thats why mediatek is superhit

  23. Its not the processor at issue, its the same gpu clocked at the same 400 mhz frequency. This is just the x900 with the overclocked cpu. Mtk with sgx 544 should perform better than this at least gpu wise.

  24. hi gogi sir,please tell us which one will better 2ghz intel chipset like xolo x1000 or 1.2ghz quadcore like xolo q800.thanks

  25. battery ….is …problem here…for this monster 1900mah …so…sad…better go for spice pinnacle…at 13k ..16gb memory…1gb ram…2400 mah battery…5.3inch screen….what not ….lava xolo sucks…

  26. Love to see what they can make in antutu. By the way how can we call it single, dual or quad.

    1. Sakthi, you see dual core comes with 2 core and this hyper threading is a method that makes use of one CPU and gets it to perform like a dual core. Not sure if its dual or quad but it definitely will be faster than 1GHz hyper threading. I think 2GHz Intel atom should do better than mediatek, how much that’s what we need to see.

      1. gogi is right. 1.6Ghz Intel Atom (Medfield) easily match a quadcore Cortex A9. now the mediatek processor being used in A116 is a quadcore Cortex A7. So no chance of it beating this one but the price is definitely high. Even with HD curved display, 15k should be the maximum pricing.

        And one last thing, Atom beats Cortex A9 quad because of the architecture not because of the clockspeed. So 1.6Ghz or 2Ghz performance will be same.

  27. it is medfield instead of clovertrial+ processor. this is disappointing.. 🙁
    Also, No IPS screen…….

  28. See,i told u dey will use Medfield processor clocked at 2ghz.. Bt,i think the outdated specs doesn’t justify the 19k price.. And,literally it will be hottest phone ever launched..:P Go 4 Quad-cores dey r more energy efficient..

  29. xolo 900 was also a bit expensive at launch but lava soon realised it and dropped its price significantly.
    Hoping for d Same…

  30. The only two cons i can think of this device.

    a. ICS – Cant blame Lava since intel i beleive is yet to get 100% compliance from the the testing it initiated after porting Jelly Bean to Medfield cores from Carriers / users .. We can expect an update in a few weeks though.. When a lower priced Xolo has JB and MMX A110 gets JB, why not Xolo’s current Flagship product ?

    b. Bluetooth 2.1 EDR – Cheaper Chinese phones ( incl my 1.5 yr old HTC phone has BT 3.0 A2DP +EDR) .. they should have packed atleast 3.0 device, if not 4.0 for a 20k Phone !

    Wishlist :: if only it was a PowerVR 544 GPU instead of the PowerVR 540 GPU Core

    Still a very good device when it receives JB to boost the 2.5D display’s capabilities !

  31. Gogi, is this dual core phone? If yes, then is Intel dual core processor equal to (or better) than other quad core processors?