Lava international has now launched the Lava Iris 501 a dual core handset with a 5 inch screen running on Android ICS OS. The handset supports dual SIM with 3G / video calling and comes with an extra back cover. The handset is priced at Rs. 9,999.

The Lava Iris 501 sports a 5 inch WVGA capacitive screen (800×480 pixels) running on a 1GHz dual core processor. 501 is loaded with Android 4.0.4 OS (ICS). The handset is 10.5mm thick. The RAM is 512MB with 2GB internal storage.

The lava 501 has got a curvy look with 3 touch sensitive buttons on the front side.  It supports dual SIM and has a front camera (0.3 MP) for video calling. There is a rear 5MP auto focus camera with LED flash. This smartphone supports 3G, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, comes with built in GPS, FM radio, micro USB port and 3.5 mm jack. The phone also comes with proximity, light, GSensor and Magnetic sensors.

This 5 inch phone comes with 2300 mAh battery that should give a really good talktime and standby time. The price will be the key factor.  The hardware is nothing new there are already a good number of smartphones with 5 inch screen available in the market.

Lava Iris 501

Lava Iris 501 key features and specifications

  • Dual SIM.
  • 1GHz dual core CPU / GPU unknown.
  • ICS OS.
  • 5 inch screen with 800×480 pixels resolution.
  • 512MB RAM, 2GB internal storage and micro SD card support.
  • 3G, Wi-Fi, GPS, Bluetooth, 3.5mm jack and micro USB port.
  • Sensors: Accelerometer, Magnetometer, Gyroscope Ambient  Light and Proximity sensor.
  • Free stuffs : Extra Hard Back Cover,  4GB memory card.
  • Special Preinstall apps: Saavn, Asphalt HD Game and Hike.
  • Price Rs. 9,999 available online and will be in stores by this weekend.

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  1. Hi Gogi sir,
    Actually i have a budget of 6.5 K to 7.5 K and i want a phone which is of course an anroid operating system (Jelly Bean) with relatively 1800 to 2300 MAH battery. I have gone through the specifications of LAVA IRIS 501 , LAVA IRIS 502 , MICROMAX CANVAS , KARBONN A27+ and many more but i am a bit confused. Kindly help me in this regard and suggest if any other phone comes with my requirement.

    Eagerly waiting for your response. Thanks 🙂

  2. I bought this phone on 15 august. It was having ics as os. it was having a problem with Google play store. When i tried to download any application it showed 101 error . So i tried to call costumer care in ahmedabad Gujarat. There are 3 costumer care here showed on lava site. Of them 2 numbers are fake. remaining 1 number they wont reciv call. Felt like looted.

  3. hi gogi sir. i want to buy a lava phone. but i m little confse in 501 and 458q , plz help me sir, i dont wnt to waste my money..

  4. Gogi sir i wanted to know why lava have placed the mic on the rear side of the phone. i wanted to buy this phone.

  5. hi sir,
    i wanted 2 know abt d battery life of dis phone….is it more than 6 hrs??

  6. I bought this phone from flipkart this phone is totally value for money its awesome.

  7. This phone i bought from flipkart started showing glitches , ist the ‘x’ ‘e’ buttons would stop working by own and the home screen would be like someone is doing clicks all over the phone , it turns on Bluetooth gps apps by itself ! i replaced it from flipkart but the new phone too has this problem, right after i unpacked it stated shipping this problem. I have contacted the Flipkart guys again lets see what happens, i have LOST HOPE for this device

  8. the screen got mad…. it started working itself . itself opening menu, launching apps, notification panel gps, dialing calls, and its like some rapid tapping on thje screen…. where i m not touching the phone at all

    lava service center is not supportive….
    i m disappointed… feel trapped..
    want 100% refund…..
    gogi yaar what yu say now..?

    1. ajay contact me, im facing same problem, did u get any solution ?

    2. The flipkart people replaced my buggy phone, but even the new one had that problem, what did u do ?

  9. Now it looks like the price is increased to 9500 :'(

    from where can i get @ low cost ????

  10. hello few day ago i bought that mobile but m facing some problem like when i on gps its not showing in status bar upper side
    2nd problem is i have tata docomo sim and want to run internet via gprs
    plz tell me how i can run gprs when i on data connection in status bar its on but on showing gprs upload and download traffice sign

    plz help meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee…

  11. install Google Hindi input on lava Iris 501& आप टाइप कर सकते हैं हिँदी मेँ शब्दकोश के साथ।

  12. Mr kunal
    i suggest you choose between lava 501, lava xolo a700, and canvas 2.

    These depends on your budget.
    Canvas 2 is victim of black marketing and cost abt 11500 or 12000 if buy frm mkt.
    Also have some application issues.

    Xolo a700 has all features of canvas2 except of screen size and battry backup.

    Lava Iris 501 is in my opinion the better one.
    I ordered it after Mr. Gogi’s review and selfsatisfaction.
    U can easily decide by now

    1. i am also using the same.bought@ 8741₹.AWESOME PHONE.CAN INSTALL APPS ON SD CARD DIRECTLY.

        1. You may go to and apply 7.5% flat off coupon.
          Or may go to and buy from there.. Coupon is what u have to search…

  13. I have ordered this one.
    But a little doubt arising in my mind.
    Does it supports live wallpapers and log screens can be increase or not?

  14. Hi Gogi ji, Is this phone having compass sensor. I am not clear whether Magnetometer and compass are the same

  15. Hi GOGI,
    I just gonna want to ask you whether the touch performance remains the same after a long use.

    Plz reply…..

  16. Hello everyone…. Can anyone tell me about the audio output of the device specially on the earphones… Actually am a huge music want a budget phone with a great audio output.. Thanks in advance ….

  17. 1.byond b63
    2.lava iris501
    3.celkon a200
    4.xolo a700
    5.mmx canvas 2
    6.karbon a21
    gogi sir, in your opinion which is better?pls replay

    1. Yes you can do it easily. Can you please tell me about its scratch guard,will it be better to buy mmx a110 or samsung g Note 2 Scratch guard?

  18. gogi u r very quick n accurate but not this tym u hadn’t told that it is heavier than a110.
    so i can’t hold it for a long tym. please mentioned this thing while revewing the handsets.
    i hav lost my 9k rs

    1. lost???
      Saurav Bro..
      You shouldnt blame anybody for your ignorance.It’s weight is already mensioned at various site so you should see them also.

  19. Hello gogi,

    thanks for review of iris 501. finally I have purchase it. can I connect pen drive via OTG cable with my iris 501 and how?
    plz reply. .

    thank you. . .

  20. Gogi bro, Finally I got my lava iris 501.its really a monster.thanks for suggestion. Can u suggest a screen guard for it.thanks in advance.

  21. Dear Gogi,
    Firstly,thanks for the superb review!!!……Bought this phone through online channel.Phone is superb,I am happy since it is my first andro!!!
    BTW I am unable to forward messages……..please help!!!…….Thanks once again!!!

  22. Gogi which one among lava xolo a800 or irish 501 compatible with adobe flash as i need adobe flash support- sam.

  23. I bought this phone and am really happy with the product, it is what i had anticipated and wanted.

  24. Hi Gogi,

    Is this dual sim dual active phone?
    Does it have the auto call record feature that low end LAVA mobiles like LAVA KKT 40+ have?


  25. This phone is awesome i m using from 15 days Total value for money I had Micromax Canvas A110 before but this one is far far better than Micromax ….

  26. it is very amazing phone. i have never ever seen this type phone in under 10k. i have use it last for 10 days. net speed is very fast. picture quality is so good u compare with Micromax. battery backup is just awsme…. sound qulity is 2 good having surround sound in this phone. so guys plese take it…..

    1. ;Enjoy the experience this is as good as canvas2 in fact better as it has magnetic sensor and better Math battery but the launch time is not rigjt, people are now madly behind canvas2. But as it is not available this can be a good option, more so micromax has established itself well in the market they are a Brand now.

  27. Hi gogi my budget is 10,000 pls suggest me a good dual core android mobile, I am waiting for your reply.

    1. Don’t forget no one is providing Magnetometer, Gyroscope sensor besides LAVA IRIS 501 in this price range. Only Samsung Galaxy Grand providing same sensor but Grand price is much much high.

  28. Does any of these stupid Indian manufacturers know that there already is an android system out called JELLY BEAN?. I’am bored with these re-branded Chinese ics phones having no performance whatsoever.

    1. Dear,
      Its not fair to comment on the performance, just because you are tired of launches of the similar specs handsets, specially when you are waiting for a better spec to be released, just wait for some time till then hold your emotions. It is not right to use such words for the companies who are trying to bring technology at a lower price. If you are so anxious about JB and better specs you can go for many handsets available from Sony / Samsung etc. In absence of these no need to say what would have happened. So chill

      1. I second Shailendra here !! you can’t expect Quality, latest version of soft/hardware from “Low price” products. In case you want the best, you got to pay more. Hang in there 1GB,QuadCore & JB phones would be available by mid Feb 2013

    2. Does the mass market really need a jelly bean? How many of the people understand the difference? IF a good quality product is available at this price its a boon for the masses!! Everyone want a ferrari… but then we are all happy with a Maruti with technology that is not latest. Understand before you right! Brilliant Lava this is a true mass winner product…

  29. Hi gogi, what is your opinion about the new iberry COREX2 is it and which is better tab in range of the corex2 3g with price upto 11000. Plz tell me I am confused.

  30. it’s like stock clearing every brand nowadays no matter big or small are launching phablets with dual core processor I am sure that it is powered by the same mediatek processor as used by other brands what do you think gogi?

      1. So shall we wait for some days for quad core processor phones to get into market at some low prices..

      2. Hi Gogi,
        Any Idea when these QuardCore would be Lanching ?
        I think all Indian Mobile Brands Are waiting for some one to head Start with QuardCore, Then everyone will Rollout their Quards from their hidden Labs. Is 8K Display Possible for indian market as introduced by SHARP where samsung is just planing to have 4K Diskplay.