Another interesting product from Xiaomi is the Electric Smart Rice Cooker. This rice cooker for now is not available in India but you can buy from International stores, it will cost you around Rs. 6000 to Rs. 10000.

This is a unique product a rice cooker, Induction based, however this one is a lot different from the other rice cookers available in the markets. The other cooker takes 20 minutes or so to cook rice but this one takes 1 hours, fast rice cooking mode takes 40 minutes.

Inside the box you will get some spoons, user manual in Chinese and a rice measuring cup. Inside the cooker there is a plastic container for steaming and a big vessel made of cast iron for cooking rice, it also has some measuring mark on it – in Chinese.

Xiaomi Mi Smart Rice cooker

The Xiaomi Electric Rice Cooker can be controlled via the app (Mi Home) and it is using Electromagnetic heating, easy to infuse flavor. This smart cooker can cook 3000 types of rice, each have a different cooking program. Before using the rice cooker you need to set the altitude, it is important that you set the right altitude. If your city does not show up, search on google, find your city’s altitude and then search for corresponding city in China with same or near-about altitude.

Xiaomi Mi Smart Rice cooker review

Cooker capacity is 3 litre. The buttons on the cooker are Chinese however the app is English based and you can control the cooker from the app itself. There are few recipes you can view when using  English language mode on the app, and if you switch to Chinese there are a lot more.

Xiaomi Mi Smart Rice cooker buttons

This Xiaomi Electric Rice Cooker comes with built in Wi-Fi, when using it for the first time you will need to setup the Wi-Fi via the Mi Home app on your smartphone – check video review to get an idea.

This cooker can cook rice, bake cake, warm rice and you can do a lot more. Once you use the app you will get an idea about the button functions and then you can do the same via the buttons. Once the rice gets cooked the cooker goes into warm-up mode and keeps the rice warm.

Xiaomi Mi Smart Rice cooker quality

You can also make pulao rice, use tadka (Tempering) on the cooker itself (keeping the lid open) and also use cooker to cook normal food. There is one option however it is for now only available when you switch the language to Chinese. Use that option, keep the lid open and cook, the cast iron vessel will get hot, good enough for daily cooking needs, however for 30 minutes only – if need be you can re-run the program again for another 30 minutes.

Xiaomi Mi Smart Rice cooker inside

Check the video review to see how rice is made and how the tadka (tempering) is done. The process of making rice is the same as you normally would do – add rice and water as needed and start the rice cooking program.

As mentioned it takes 1 hour, the reason being the rice is cooked is a systematic way, you can actually view the temperature inside the cooker via the Mi Home app, and also read why the rice is cooked at that temperature.  When rice cooking program begins, it starts with warm up, then high heating and the last process is steaming that evaporates the left over water.

Do not open the lid when the rice cooking is in process. Once the cooking is completed open the lid and you will find awesome cooked rice (check video review). Make sure to clean the rice cooker steam outlet, it is really easy.

An excellent buy if you can afford, for now the rice cooker is not available in India but you can buy from GearBest.

When shopping from Gearbest make sure to use priority line shipping.

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The price fluctuates on GearBest, and you can get it anywhere from Rs. 6000 to Rs. 10,000.

Download Mi Smart Rice Cooker English Manual –

Rating 4.8 out of 5

By Rajeev Rana

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