At an event in China Xiaomi announced the Mi Ecosystem (MIJIA i.e. Smart Home), Rice Pressure Cooker, Mi Water Purifier 2, Mi Bluetooth Speaker and Mi Router 3. The Mi Ecosystem is a step ahead into smart home automation system – bringing home related gadgets into one roof.

The Rice cooker (under Mi Ecosystem) comes with built in WiFi and supports cloud connectivity.  This basically is a pressure cooker (Induction based), but highly intelligent, such as it can control the exact pressure inside the cooker for perfect cook,  preserving the rice flavor.

The 3 liter capacity pressure rice cooker is using non-sticky coating and goes through 66 step process. All that a user need to do is scan the rice package (more than 200 bands supported), data is loaded on the cloud and cooker will automatically select the best cooking method for that particular brand.

Mi Induction Heating Pressure Rice Cooker

This cooker is priced at RMB 999 (approx ₹10K).

Mi Water Purifier 2 (using RO Reverse Osmosis Tech) as per Xiaomi can purify 1 litre water per minute (around 76 barrels of bottled water in 24 hours.  This unit comes with built in WiFi and users can connect it via app, they can then get information about the water quality. The Water Purifier 2 comes for RMB 1999 (approx ₹20,000).

Mi Water Purifier 2, Xiaomi Mi Router 3 and Xiaomi Bluetooth Speakers

The Xiaomi Mi Router 3 comes with 4 antennas that provide stronger signal. This router also comes with 128MB flash (built-in). Router 3 is priced at RMB 149 (approx ₹1500).

And finally the new Xiaomi Bluetooth Speakers (different from what is available in India) that carry a price tag of RMB 129 (approx ₹1300).

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  1. Since Xiaomi is a technology driven company and strives to provide something new and useful, they should invent a sensor cum transmitter to be placed on head like a hair pin, transmitter transmits brain data to husband’s smartphone via Bluetooth to the Mi Spouse app. (it can be vice versa, husband’s head and wife’s smartphone)

    Data collected and transmitted for husbands could be some useful stuff like current state of mind, shopping plans, weekend plans, holiday plans, current temperament levels, calling in-laws for a weekend etc.
    For wives useful data can be, husband’s tonight’s boozing plan, salary planning, new car buying plan etc.

    On the funnier side it can break marriages, but on the serious and mutual note, it can actually help lead a better marital life and reduce day to day stresses.

    1. Hahaha…it will only break marriages if your spouse gets to know whats cooking inside…..
      Keep it limited to stress level, happiness/sadness level of spouses.

  2. Waiting for mi pillow. ..connected via wifi n Bluetooth before going to sleep u have to activate it for body massage. …???

    1. And baby diaper which is wifi enabled and sends signal to parents phone when gets wets….hah ha..

  3. The day come soon when they announce a mi needle, connected with wifi gps and mobile application. Simply draw something on mobile and it will draw the same pattern on cloth….
    But yes, to buy you need to participate in flash sale and within a Milli-second it will be out of stock…

  4. Is there any information about mi laptop?

    from leaked source,

    it will be 15.6″, 1080p, two dual channel 8 GB RAM, 1 TB, ci7 processor & 2GB dedicated graphics