Along with Mi TV 2s, Xiaomi also announced a new product – a water purifier. The Mi Water Purifier is priced at RMB 1299 that comes to approx Rs. 13200. Xiaomi had already launched the air purifier and now a water purifier.

Xiaomi is already giving tough completion in terms of hardware, software, price to the Mobile Industry, TV industry and now they have entered the water purification segment. Any new unexpected launch by Xiaomi are in fact made smarter and they connected with the smartphone / tablet, and so is this water purifier.

The Purifier can be connected with your phone using Wi-Fi and user can view quality TDS + water quality purified in real time. Using the app they can easily know when the filter needs to be replaced, they can also set a reminder or buy the filters but tapping the buy button on the app itself.

Xiaomi Mi Water Purifier launched

Mi Water Purifier makes use of reverse osmosis technology that separates pure water flowing from the tap though RO membrane. The same technology is used by bottle industry. Water passes though 4 step RO filtration and the output is clear pure water.

This Purifier is fast, it can purify up to 76 barrels in a day. There is no need to store purified water, just let it pass though the purifier and get pure water when needed.

I am not sure if and when Xiaomi will launch this in India. What do you think about this?

By Rajeev Rana

Founder and Chief Editor -